Homayoon Pasdar

Homayoon Pasdar is an American actor, director and voice-over artist best known for playing Nathan Petrelli on Heroes from 2006-2009 and Jim Profit in Profit (1996.).

He was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Rosemarie Pasdar (nee Sbresny) and Homayoon Pasdar, an accomplished cardiac surgeon residing near Philadelphia. Anamarie Pasdar acted as both artistic director and producer for theatrical performances at his father’s practice near Philadelphia.

Early Life and Education

Pasdar was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts before his family relocated to Powelton Pennsylvania when he was still an infant. An accomplished football player, Pasdar earned himself a scholarship to the University of Florida before an accident during his freshman year left him badly injured and unable to play football anymore. Subsequently he dropped out and returned home where he took on work with People’s Light and Theatre Company on sound, lighting, set construction – though while building one a set accident caused the loss of part of his thumb.

Since then, he has appeared in various films and television series such as Top Gun, Solarbabies, Golden Streets and Carlito’s Way – as well as providing the voice for Iron Man in Marvel Anime and Avengers Assemble.

Professional Career

Homayoon Pasdar is a professional actor, film director and voice-over artist best known for playing Jim Profit in the television series Profit. Additionally he made appearances in Carlito’s Way and Mysterious Ways films as well as playing Nathan Petrelli in NBC superhero drama Heroes.

Homayoon Pasdar was an Iranian immigrant cardiac surgeon practicing near Philadelphia who married Rosemarie Sbresny from Germany and Poland. After attending Marple Newtown High School in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and receiving an athletic scholarship to University of Florida on which his football career had been promised; an accident ended it abruptly.

He has guest starred on various television series, such as three episodes of Burn Notice as Randall Burke and playing Glenn Talbot and Alec Rybak on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, respectively. Additionally, he portrayed DC Comics character Morgan Edge on Supergirl season 3.

Achievement and Honors

Homayoon Pasdar was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Homayoon Pasdar (an Iranian immigrant cardiac surgeon with a practice near Philadelphia) and Rosemarie Sbresny (a travel agent). After attending Marple Newtown Senior High School he received a football scholarship to attend University of Florida until an accident ended his playing career prematurely; following this he focused his energy into campus stage productions where he rediscover his interest in acting from early days.

He has appeared on various television series, such as Heroes on NBC as Nathan Petrelli and has voiced Hawkeye for Marvel’s animated series The Super Hero Squad Show as well as Captain America for Black Panther animated series.

He also plays guitar for the charity rock band Band from TV, composed of cast members from Heroes. All proceeds from their concerts go directly to Rush Epilepsy Center.

Personal Life

Pasdar was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Homayoon Pasdar (a cardiac surgeon) and Rosemarie Pasdar (nee Sbresny), an owner of a travel agency. He attended Marple Newtown High School in Newton Square as an exceptional footballer before suffering an injury during freshman year at University of Florida which prevented him from playing and caused him to drop out – leading him to join a theater group where he worked on sound, lighting and set construction while taking minor acting roles in several films.

He maintains an active social media presence and frequently attends conferences and seminars, amassing an impressive following on Instagram and Twitter.

Net Worth

Pasdar is a multi-talented actor, director and voice actor renowned for making significant contributions in his field while earning significant earnings through acting. Acting is his main source of income.

He is best-known for his role as Nathan Petrelli on the popular TV show Heroes, basing his character off various morally dubious people he has encountered throughout life.

Pasdar has earned numerous awards for both acting and directing work, garnering multiple Academy Awards nominations in both areas. On a personal level, Pasdar was married to Natalie Maines from Dixie Chicks for two sons before splitting time between homes in Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City until 2019 when the couple announced their separation.

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