How Much Did The Baeumler Canada House Sell For

How Much Did the Baeumler Canada House Sell For?

If you have watched Canadian reality TV shows like Renovation Island or Bryan Inc, you probably know Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. These former businessmen are now renovating resorts in the Bahamas, transforming rundown hotels into opulent hotspots. Their new resort will be complete with six villas, expansive outdoor living spaces, and 18 oceanfront suites. It will open in October 2020.

The Baeumlers have been building relationships since they were both in high school. They are married with four children. But their relationship was complicated by a recent renovation project. As a result, they opted for a more peaceful life away from the chaos of a Florida reno.

Bryan Baeumler, the son of a construction business owner, has built a successful career out of home remodels. He is a licensed contractor, musician, and entrepreneur. His father, who is from the United States, taught him a lot of his skills. In addition, he has published a book on home renovation.

Before moving to the Bahamas, the Baeumlers spent five years in Oakville, Ontario. They bought a 1952 bungalow in the area and renovated it into their dream home. They had their daughter, Charlotte, when they were ready to move on to their next project. However, their plans were quickly put on hold when Hurricane Dorian hit the area. Luckily, it did not cause too much damage.

The Baeumlers had planned to stay in their home for a few months to finish the renovations. The plan was to then move to a house in Florida. But because of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they were forced to reschedule their trip. This gave the family more time to get used to their new home. Fortunately, they were able to sell their Canadian home.

Bryan and Sarah had always wanted to own a lake house. While they were still in Ontario, they found a piece of land on Georgian Bay. Since the island is relatively remote, the Baeumlers decided to raise their four children here. When the renovations were complete, they enrolled their children in a local school.

The Baeumlers had a very busy year. They finished building their clubhouse, installed a new laundry building, and renovated the kitchen. They also hired a new management team. Unfortunately, the local staff had to endure the effects of the hurricane. A Category 5 storm, Dorian, hit the island. That meant the locals were unable to work. Fortunately, the family had set up a relief fund.

Now that the hurricane has passed, the Baeumlers are preparing to reopen their resort. They have hired an adventure team, which includes a certified dive master and paddleboarder. They will offer guests scuba gear and kayak excursions.

Meanwhile, Bryan Baeumler is on his way to getting his pilot’s license. He will be back in Canada in two weeks for a “shut-in locked-down” period. During that time, he plans to finish a boat dock. Additionally, he hopes to refinish his home.

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