Humphrey Bogart Net Worth

Humphrey Bogart Net Worth

Known as “H.B.”, this actor earned a net worth of $50 million in 2013. He grew up in the south of France and later served in the Naval Reserve. He also managed a stage company. His career was long and varied. In this article, we will look at some of his notable roles and learn more about his life.

humphrey bogart’s childhood

Humphrey Bogart grew up in a wealthy New York family. His parents wanted him to pursue a career in medicine at Yale University. However, his academic performance was mediocre. He was expelled from Phillips Academy, where he had previously attended, and joined the Navy instead. After the war, Bogart took up odd jobs to support himself. His first job was as a stage manager, but soon he started doing minor acting roles. After a while, he landed lead roles on Broadway, and the rest is history.

Although his parents had divorced by the time Bogart was eight years old, the relationship did not end until he was an adult. He met Helen Menken in 1922, and the two married in 1923. However, their relationship was not happy. They got into an argument frequently, even in public, and she accused Bogart of cheating on her with other actresses.

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