Ihop Brawl Victoria Tx

IHOP Brawl Victoria TX

There’s no doubt that the IHOP was a flurry of activity last night. One of the most memorable experiences was a brawl of the magnitude which lasted for at least five minutes. A group of females in the throes were the pawns in what was essentially a turf war. The best of the best was a female tamer in the middle of the pack, who tamed the beast with a few swipes of her card. It was an epic one that was only interrupted by a gunshot. Several witnesses are reported to have been injured, including a male who has been hospitalized, while the other victims were treated with a thaw. Fortunately, the two surviving females were able to walk away without any permanent injuries.

A little more than a week later, two IHOP patrons were involved in a high-stakes brawl that ended in a shooting. It may have been the result of a dispute over the bill, but the outcome is uncertain. This is a microcosm of a larger problem plaguing the IHOP in general: under-staffed kitchens and a lack of foremen whose main job is to keep patrons from fighting each other. Luckily for this and many other iHOP customers, the company is currently on the right track by hiring more foremen and a manager to redress the balance. For more details, visit IHOP’s website. During this time, IHOP was also announcing the launch of an online food ordering app that allows patrons to order a burger from the comfort of their home.

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