Iman Abdulmajid

Iman Abdulmajid is a model, entrepreneur and actress. She owns Iman Cosmetics makeup line as well as Global Chic clothing and accessory store. In films such as No Way Out and Surrender she has appeared.

She is the daughter of Mohamed Abdulmajid (diplomat) and Marian Abdulmajid; her siblings include Feisal and Elias.

Early Life and Education

Iman Abdulmajid (born July 25, 1955) is a Somali-American fashion model, actress, business executive and founder of her own line of ethnic cosmetics; as well as serving on several non-profit boards. In 1992 she married British rock musician David Bowie who passed away soon afterwards.

Her maternal grandparents are Margaret Mary Jones and Haywood Stenton Jones; her father is Mohamed Abdulmajid. She has two brothers, Elias and Feisal; as well as two sisters: Nadia and Idil.

Iman is a Muslim who practices Islam. She is also an advocate for human rights and has an avid interest in politics; supporting multiple non-profits including Save the Children and CARE as well as sitting on boards at Delaware Valley University and Dialogue Institute LLC.

Professional Career

Iman Abdulmajid is a supermodel, actress, entrepreneur and activist best known for her work with various fashion brands and charity efforts. Additionally, she founded her own ethnic cosmetics company.

Born July 25 in Mogadishu Banaadir Somaliland as the daughter of Mohamed Abdulmajid (diplomat) and Marian Abdulmajid. She had two older brothers named Elias and Feisal, with two younger sisters Idil and Nadia as siblings.

At 18 she married Somali businessman Hassan but later divorced him. Shortly afterwards she tied the knot with NBA player Spencer Haywood, with whom she has one daughter, Zulekha Haywood. Additionally she has tried her hand at acting by appearing in movies such as Surrender, No Way Out and House Party 2. Additionally Global Chic clothing line was created.

Achievement and Honors

Abd al-Majid (also spelled Abd ul Majid, Abdulmajid and Abdul Majid) is an Arabic given name or surname which translates as “servant of All-glorious”. This term comes from two Arabic theophoric names which originate in Islam: Abd and al-Majid (meaning servant of All-glorious).

Iman is the daughter of Mohamed and Marian Abdulmajid of Somalia and raised as a Muslim by both her parents who both work as diplomats for Somalia. Iman’s brothers include Elias and Feisal as well as two younger sisters – Idil and Nadia. Both her parents served in Somali diplomatic services during her childhood years and taught her everything she knew about Islam from them both.

Fashion model, actress and entrepreneur Iman is best known as the creator of Iman Cosmetics line as well as Global Chic clothing and accessory line. In addition, she guest starred on TV shows such as Miami Vice and House Party 2, wrote three books and advocated for HIV/AIDS awareness with charitable work in Africa.

Personal Life

Iman Abdulmajid is an internationally recognized model, entrepreneur, activist, actress and humanitarian known for her charitable endeavors and fashion brand collaborations.

Iman is the daughter of diplomat Mohamed and gynecologist Marian, and has two sisters named Nadia and Idil. Additionally, she was married to English singer David Bowie until his passing due to liver cancer.

Lexi, Iman’s daughter from her second husband. As an entrepreneur and owner of Iman Cosmetics, she also guest stars on TV shows such as No Way Out and Surrender as well as supporting several charitable organizations like Save the Children.

Net Worth

She is a Somali fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. She has graced several fashion magazines’ covers; appeared in movies and television series; performed charity work; is known for her tall stature and slim body; the daughter of Mohamed Abdulmajid and Marian Jones with two older brothers and one younger sister.

She has been married three times. She is mother to Alexandria Zahra Jones. Her net worth stands at $1.5 million, as do her grandparents Margaret Mary Jones, Marian Abdulmajid, and Haywood Stenton Jones – with whom she had an NBA player relationship that produced one daughter together – and Haywood Stenton Jones himself being one of her grandfathers. Additionally she founded Iman Cosmetics and Global Chic clothing line.

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