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IronE Singleton is an award-winning actor, director, writer and motivational speaker who is best known for his roles on The Walking Dead, Lottery Ticket and Seeking Justice. Additionally, he founded IronE School of the Arts.

Early Life and Education

Irone Singleton was born November 20, 1975 in the United States. Since then he has gone on to make an immense mark on Hollywood.

He is best-known for playing menacing mogul Alton in The Blind Side, one of the highest grossing sports movies ever, and compassionate tough guy T-Dog in Emmy-, AFI- & WGA Award winning series The Walking Dead. Additionally he has appeared in multiple pilots such as One Tree Hill on CW and Franklin & Bash for television networks like CBS.

He graduated with a degree in speech communication and theatre at the University of Georgia while also playing defensive back and running back for their Bulldogs team. In his free time he enjoys engaging in various activities that help relax him.

Professional Career

Irone Singleton, best known for his role as Alton in 2009 film The Blind Side and as Theodore Douglas on AMC series The Walking Dead, has also appeared in films like Fled, Remember the Titans, and The Longest Yard. Educated at University of Georgia where he majored in speech communication and theatre studies.

He is the founder of IronE School of the Arts, a non-profit performing arts school located in Suwanee, Georgia. Additionally, he wrote introductions for two zombie themed anthologies as well as his autobiography Blindsided by the Walking Dead.

He has appeared as a guest star in television series such as Detroit 1-8-7, Single Ladies and Franklin & Bash; additionally he acted in films Seeking Justice Lottery Ticket and An Amish Murder.

Achievement and Honors

Irone Singleton, an accomplished actor for over 25 years, is well known in Hollywood for his performances in films and TV shows as well as one-man stage productions written and performed with critical acclaim. Furthermore, Singleton runs his own non-profit performing arts school which provides youth with education that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally engaging, aesthetically enriching, and personally relevant.

Singleton made his mark as an actor by appearing as Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas in The Blind Side (2009) and Lottery Ticket and Remember the Titans (2011), two Academy Award nominated movies.

Singleton will appear alongside Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce and January Jones in Seeking Justice and will also play a leading role in Lifetime’s An Amish Murder series.

Personal Life

Irone Singleton has long been recognized as an agent of change in the world. He has mesmerized audiences large and small with his message of truth and love, even after having overcome a troubled childhood to attend the University of Georgia on academic and football scholarships – where he holds dual majors in speech communication and theatre studies.

He is best-known for his roles as Alton in the Academy Award-winning film The Blind Side and Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas on AMC’s television series The Walking Dead. Additionally, he has made appearances in films like Lottery Ticket and Seeking Justice as well as on television shows like Detroit 1-8-7, VH1 Single Ladies, and TNT Franklin and Bash.

He has long been an ardent patron of the arts, having established the IronE School of the Arts in Atlanta with his wife and children.

Net Worth

IronE Singleton has amassed considerable wealth through his illustrious career as an American Actor. A highly recognizable star within showbiz, IronE Singleton has long been in the public eye.

Robert Singleton was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on 30 November 1975 and is best known as an actor who portrays Theodore ‘T-Dog’ Douglas on AMC television’s The Walking Dead series. Additionally he made appearances in films The Blind Side Lottery Ticket and Seeking Justice.

Singleton earned his bachelor of fine arts from the University of Georgia with a major in theatre and speech communication, and has gone on to appear in multiple TV pilots such as ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7, VH1’s Single Ladies Franklin & Bash as well as One Tree Hill on CW and BET Somebodies on BET.

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