Is Phil And Sydney Still Together

Is Phil and Sydney Still Together?

It’s no secret that The Block is a colossal ratings hit, and the show has also produced some notable couples. Among these is the one that spawned a few hundred million internet impressions. That said, is Phil and Sydney still together? Read on to discover.

While a lot of fans are a bit confused as to whether or not the couple is still chugging along, there’s no shortage of evidence that they are. They have both been on the internet since their time on the show, and they even have Instagram accounts, which is a surefire way of letting everyone know that they’re in a committed relationship.

The rumored duo also made an appearance at the show’s most recent reunion show. Amber and Kris are very guarded about their personal lives, but they have been known to post photos of themselves on social media. Their engagement is no secret, either. They even shopped for an engagement ring with Phil, though it isn’t clear whether or not they got it.

There was also the sexy gizmo. Aside from the oh-so-small but impressive ring, the most significant accomplishment for the couple was that they managed to get engaged. It was a big step for the pair, but it was something they both agreed on. They had a memorable first date and had been inseparable ever since. However, the two aren’t always on the best of terms. They don’t always keep in touch with each other. This is a huge bummer for their fans, especially if they want to see the two of them in a romantic setting.

While the show did have its share of controversy, it was a ratings monster that regularly aired around two million viewers. In addition to its famously zany cast, the show sparked a lot of buzz with its “Aggressive” tagline. Several cast members were labeled as such, and the couple’s relationship was put under the microscope. Some of the issues have been trivial, while others have been quite a bit more serious.

The show also proved to be the big daddy of reality dating experiments. Its premise was simple: a group of singles was assembled, and they were given the challenge of wooing their potential mates via the most impressive and entertaining (if you’re into wacky dating shows) scheme of all. They were allowed to snag one of 14 slots on the sexy escapade, and only a few would go all the way. Despite the rocky start, the show did manage to produce some high-profile couples. Some of these couples have even been married.

The other major feat was that the show pushed the boundaries of television. It took some of its competitors by surprise. During a season, the show averaged more than 2 million viewers. Its production based out of Bondi Beach, Australia, made it a hot spot on television. Its popularity was such that it was able to snag the attention of Queen Elizabeth II, who attended a Prince’s Trust concert during her Australian visit in early January.

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