Jack Andram

Jack Andram Movie Review

Jack Andram enjoys fast bikes, mudding, and other risky pursuits but also takes pleasure in making money by seducing other boys for cash.

This month marks his bottoming debut at Boyshalfwayhouse. The house manager gives him his initial workout with doggy backstroke, missionary arm swing and sideway positioning until he forms his tight hole and then gives a hard finger-flicking session to seal it tight.

Early Life and Education

Jack is an adventurous young man who likes fast bikes, mudding and anything risky. He also happens to be something of a science enthusiast and enjoys creating things. Jack can often seem arrogant about his intelligence.

Jack and Dal have an estranged relationship, yet Jack remains very helpful to the Mall Rats. He invented many helpful gadgets such as water filters and wind power electricity generators to ensure survival for his group.

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Professional Career

Jack is an accomplished computer programmer and hacker, which makes him an essential member of the Mall Rats in deciphering information from The Collective and creating security systems and windmills to generate electricity.

He is an accomplished doubles player, having won both the 2020 Australian Open and 2021 US Open as well as 2022 Western & Southern Open with Joe Salisbury. Additionally, he reached two Grand Slam semifinals and five ATP Challenger titles.

Jack quickly makes friends at the Mall, realising they are more than a tribe; they are family. Jack develops a romantic relationship with Ellie and together they help each other through difficult times when The Chosen and The Technos take control of the city.

Personal Life

Jack is the mind behind the group, an unapologetic geek with vast expertise in electronics circuitry, server-side scripting, code cracking and systems analysis. When Zootists attack Arthur’s Air Force Base he quickly works out the complex computer systems on board the cargo ship that crashed; later with Ram he discovers access codes to Eagle Mountain’s hidden levels.

Jack initially finds it difficult to connect with the others but gradually warms up as he realizes they are more than a tribe, they’re family. While his relationship with Ellie may be tenuous at first, they always manage to reignite their romance by the end of each episode.

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