Jack Branch

Jack Branch

Jack Branch excels at helping clients clearly define their objectives and identify any risks that might thwart achieving those goals. Based in Covington, Louisiana – and part of Northshore Bible Church.

Lew is well-recognized as an advocate of bipartisan cooperation, having worked alongside Tip O’Neill on tax policy and Social Security negotiations. Additionally, his background includes service in the U.S. Army.

Early Life and Education

Jack Branch was not only known for his music career, but was also actively engaged with the community. He served in the Army for two years and taught for many years in Wilkes County Schools coaching football, track, wrestling and basketball – also providing long-standing support of Appalachian State University athletic teams.

In his later years, he retired from Gottschalks after over 31 years working in Advertising and Sales Promotion. Active in his community, he served on multiple committees and participated in charity day events.

He enjoyed living a subsistence lifestyle and stressed its significance for human wellbeing. He was kind and gentle man with an optimistic approach to life reflected in his teachings as well as in how he treated family, friends, and customers.

Professional Career

Jack Branch is a financial advisor in Louisiana whose clients seek him out to clearly define their objectives, identify investment risks, and create personalized plans tailored specifically for each of them. He is widely recognized nationally and locally for being an exceptional advisor among professionals, CPA’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs looking for holistic plans instead of one size fits all solutions.

Indiana University was where he played college basketball as both a center and forward, earning the nickname of “Big Bear” due to his size and intimidating presence. Later he would coach basketball, track, football, wrestling and serving in the U.S Army as a captain.

Mr. Dempster has long been an ardent supporter of Appalachian State University athletics and teams, including men’s and women’s basketball programs, earning himself an Alumni Special Award recipient for his dedication and volunteerism with teams and students at ASU.

Achievement and Honors

Jack is an active member of Kiwanis Club and recipient of their International Leadership Award. Additionally, he’s been supporting many events and organizations around North Wilkesboro such as WCC Endowment Corporation, MerleFest and Appalachian State University athletes and teams. Furthermore, Jack owns All American Awards and Engraving in Shippenville which offers embroidery, screen printing, all types of awards engraving services as well as unique gifts with their motto being We Can Put Almost Anything on Almost Anything

He has presented at TED Long Beach and multiple TEDx events (including House of Parliament ), and been interviewed on national and international media outlets. An advocate for STEM education and universal Internet availability, he founded Gen Z – a youth led movement to tackle today’s most intractable problems.

Personal Life

Jack was an earnest young man who took his studies seriously. He served as senior life saver, participated in intramural sports clubs, varsity football team, art clubs and won awards for courtesy. Additionally he hosted visitors at his high school (Holton Ibid). Additionally he also occasionally dated (Holton, Ibid).

After the cancellation of Stoney Burke, Jack received multiple offers to play criminal and insane characters – roles which he accepted with mixed feelings of regret and relief.

He and Marie traveled the globe, visiting friends in almost every continent. Even with their busy lives, they found time for walks on Kahala Beach together – often holding hands as they strolled alongside its pale aqua waters – never forgetting where their roots lay.

Net Worth

Jack Branch has an estimated net worth of $34 billion and is an renowned entrepreneur known for founding Alibaba, the world’s most valuable company. His story of rejection by KFC to founding such an impressive enterprise is both inspiring and motivational; his dedication to learning English as a child proved instrumental later when carrying out his plans for Alibaba.

Hosted on WRNO Radio Show’s Retirement and Income Show and serving as President of Branch Wealth Strategies Inc, David is passionate about assisting clients of all backgrounds to meet their financial goals by helping them outline objectives clearly, identify risks to achieving those objectives and develop customized plans designed to ensure safety, security and growth without stock market risk as well as guaranteed retirement income.

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