Jack Bronsky

Jack Bronsky

Jack is an extremely athletic young man with an admirable work ethic. Coming from an athletic background himself, Jack has an intense drive to excel at all aspects of training he undertakes.

He specializes in complex civil litigation with an emphasis on high-stakes antitrust and competition cases, product pricing issues, intellectual property matters and international arbitration proceedings.

Early Life and Education

Jack Bronsky was born in Brooklyn, New York to parents who ran a shoe store beneath an “el” train. Even during the Depression years, their lives were relatively comfortable as his mother focused on education and Judaism with encouragement for higher education for her children.

He graduated with honors from Binghamton High School, participating in varsity tennis, STHA ice hockey, Key Club, yearbook and mathletes. Later he went on to the University of Alabama School of Dentistry as salutatorian – also conducting endocrinology research research while there.

Beginning his career in New York media, then switching to publicity in Hollywood. He is widely credited with revolutionizing movie marketing techniques and helping to ensure the success of 1963’s controversial film “Cleopatra.” Additionally, he served as executive producer on films like Eddie Murphy’s Romancing the Stone; King Ralph; and Martin Lawrence’s Black Knight. Richard and Peter survived his father Shirley as well.

Professional Career

Jack Brodsky is an astute player that will continue to amaze in this year’s season and beyond. A dedicated team player, Jack puts team needs first while possessing an enthusiastic approach towards his game – making him an invaluable member of this Cowboys squad for years to come.

Brodsky began his career writing newspapers before transitioning into PR and serving as set head of publicity at 20th Century Fox movies, such as Romancing the Stone, “King Ralph,” and Martin Lawrence’s “Black Knight”.

At present, his legal practice centers on issues pertaining to antitrust and competition law, product pricing and distribution, intellectual property protection and e-commerce. Additionally, he assists clients in complex business litigation as well as international arbitration matters, representing everything from private equity firms to technology companies.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Bronsky is an all-around accomplished individual who has garnered numerous honors over his lifetime. A graduate of Binghamton Central High School, where he excelled at Varsity Tennis, STHA Hockey, Key Club and Yearbook activities; also serving as Sports Editor and now Business Section Editor on The Trailblazer newspaper.

At Trinity College, he was an active member of Phi Beta Kappa and took part in endocrinology research on steroid hormones. Additionally, he graduated as salutatorian from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. For recreation he enjoys hip-hop music, wakeboarding and photography.

Personal Life

Jack Brodsky enjoys running, reading, photography, poetry and hip-hop music in his free time. Additionally, he’s an avid traveller and love learning new things – which keeps him active in social fraternities at Cornell and holds various leadership roles; currently teaching assistant for Business Computing 1740 course as well as consultant at Communication Center.

He attended Binghamton Central High School before going on to Trinity College, participating in Varsity Tennis, STHA Ice Hockey and Key Club while serving as sports editor for Panorama newspaper and semi-finalist for Rhodes Scholarship competitions.

He is survived by his wife Dorothy and sons Richard and Peter. As co-producer for films including Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile and Martin Lawrence’s Black Knight.

Net Worth

Jack earned his degree and then embarked upon a successful career as an independent financial advisor, managing assets for high net worth individuals and their families, estate planning services, trust services, lending needs as well as estate and trust administration needs of clients. Additionally, Jack serves on the Norm Brodsky College of Business at Rider University’s Advisory Council where he regularly gives career advice.

Jack currently holds an estimated net worth of $95 Million, most of his wealth coming from Producers niche since 2023. Based in USA and married to Dorothy; Jack enjoys musical opera and was close with late pianist/composer Elliot Gould (deceased).

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