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Stuyvesant High School Senior Jack Cahn Is Not Your Average 17-Year-Old

Jack Cahn had been seeking election as student union president at Stuyvesant High School, but due to a number of campaign transgressions he was disqualified by the school board.

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Early Life and Education

Jack Cahn stands out among 17-year-olds by excelling academically and maintaining an A average while also maintaining three languages (he is learning another), blogging for Huffington Post, running his own business with his twin brother and supporting AIPAC. Furthermore, Jack has achieved national debater status through Junior State of America civics organization.

Cahn spent his time at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory conducting cosmology research. This was highlighted in a popular book on quantum physics and the search for its origins; his contributions also appeared in several scientific journals and magazines. Furthermore, he currently serves as guest lecturer at University of California Berkeley Physics Department where he received a National Science Foundation CAREER grant to fund both his teaching activities as well as research efforts.

Professional Career

Jack Cahn is an impressive and gifted student attending one of the nation’s elite high schools. He writes for Huffington Post blog and ranks nationally in high school debate. Additionally, he speaks three languages — English, Hebrew and Spanish — while starting to learn Chinese – although his school’s board of elections disqualified him as president of its student union.

Dann Cahn, Jack’s father, co-founded the Editors Guild and worked on Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s first TV show known as Desilu Productions, later becoming supervising editor on all Desilu films.

He has worked in diverse areas such as urban and environmental planning, energy economics research and university teaching during his career. Furthermore, he authored engineering standards for deep cryogenic treatment of metal and metal-matrix items.

Achievement and Honors

Percussive Arts Society awarded a percussion studio teacher the Lifetime Achievement in Education Award for their exceptional teaching of 29 percussion students of various ages at ECMS, led four ensembles and directed a summer Music Horizons program for gifted high schoolers.

Jack Cahn is not your typical 17-year-old: He writes for The Huffington Post and co-owns a business with his twin brother; supports AIPAC and Junior State of America civics organization; participates in national debate competitions; speaks four languages including Hebrew and Chinese; blogs on his own site and actively advocates civil rights and women’s issues within his community.

He has received many accolades and awards for his work in film, television and theater.

Personal Life

He is also involved with numerous charities and is an avid classical music collector, sharing custody with Virginia (Tita) Curtis who is mother to their two daughters.

Jack Cahn stands out among 17-year-olds by boasting an A average at one of New York City’s premier high schools and speaking three languages fluently. Additionally, he blogs for Huffington Post and participates on Stuyvesant Speech and Debate team with outstanding debater standing.

He has collaborated with some of television’s foremost showrunners, such as Aaron Sorkin on Showtime’s Homeland and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, writing songs for many films and musicals he was inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame 2004 and was an advocate for LGBT rights as a member of Human Rights Campaign.

Net Worth

Cahn was an accomplished musician who worked with various musicians. Throughout his career, he recorded several hit recordings, wrote romantic lyrics for films and Broadway songs, performed as pianist and violinist as well as being a prolific songwriter writing songs for singers such as Frank Sinatra and Doris Day.

His son, jazz guitarist Steve Khan is well-known for his collaboration with Frank Sinatra. Furthermore, he serves as a psychotherapist who has assisted many individuals struggling with mental health issues.

He boasts a net worth of $1 Million. He enjoys having an attractive family life, is very hardworking, and always gives 100% effort in everything that he does to improve society and make our world better for all.

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