Jack Coate

Jack Coate – A Lifelong Wood Flooring Professional

Coate’s work in New Guinea included providing care to troops who had participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima as well as treating patients suffering from combat-related injuries.

Mr. Smith also conducted research into dental materials, specifically solubility of dental cements. He published numerous articles and presented his research at various scholarly meetings.

Early Life and Education

Jack Coate grew up in Ludlow Falls, Ohio where his mother and father worked to support their family. From an early age he started in the rail car industry before eventually opening up his own company.

Maxine and Jack first met at dances and shows before getting married on April 4, 1944. Two weeks after that he headed for Camp Roberts in California while Maxine returned home to Miles City to work at F.W. Woolworth’s.

She was relieved to hear of Japan’s surrender and returned home, returning to her job in a hospital while renewing her relationship with Stephen (which would last until his death in 1987).

Professional Career

Jack Coate was an esteemed wood flooring professional known for his leadership at Golden State Flooring for many years and as a founder of the NWFA. Additionally, he was active with several industry associations like AIA New York and Architectural League of New York.

Coate began his professional life by unloading rail cars of wood flooring from trains in San Francisco. This hard labor gave Coate significant physical strength and focus that later carried over into playing on school teams.

Coate holds key leadership positions at ACUNS, the world’s premier academic professional association for United Nations studies. He currently serves as chair-elect of its Board of Directors and as member of its Executive Committee as well as editor/chair for Global Governance journal.

Achievement and Honors

Coate has taken on leadership roles with two of the most prestigious international professional associations for United Nations and global governance research. He currently sits on the Executive Board of Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) as editor-in-chief for its award-winning leading UN-studies academic journal Global Governance; additionally he represents Georgia College as an institutional member within ACUNS to enhance our visibility as an innovative public liberal arts education in this field of global governance studies.

Coate has made significant strides toward revitalizing GC’s Master of Public Administration program during his time here, designing and teaching several new MPA courses. He has also mentored and collaborated closely with Mr. Atanas Sabev – a Coverdell Chair undergraduate research assistant from Bulgaria who graduated GC with an LL.M from Harvard Law School in 2015.

Personal Life

Coate was involved with many sports and charities during his life. He founded the Jack Coate Olympic Training Camp for African nations prior to Sydney 2000 Olympics, giving 11 African nations scholarships that provided accommodation, meals and local transportation services.

Coates caused outrage among his deceased wife Emmy Collett’s family when he moved in with an impersonator just months after her death, sparking further outrage among her sister Sophie, who said it would have left Emmy’s family devastated.

Coate was an esteemed wood flooring professional who served the industry with Golden State Flooring as one of its longtime distributors, as well as helping found the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). He leaves behind his daughter and son as well as three grandchildren.

Net Worth

Coates amassed her family fortune when she saw the potential of online gambling to transform the betting industry. She quickly identified this potential, becoming an early pioneer of this field with the creation of Bet365 in early 2000 and expanding it from modest family firm into global giant. Widely considered a “local girl done good”, Coates created hundreds of jobs by opening the Bet365 headquarters here in Stoke-on-Trent.

He was then traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers after 2015 season, where his playing time decreased with Martavis Bryant back from suspension and JuJu Smith-Schuster emerging as their top receiver. However, due to sudden cuts and superior speed making him an excellent deep threat in NFL. Additionally, his catch radius and handling skills makes him adept in contested catch situations.

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