Jack Croaker

Jack Croaker Wins First NOSA Doubleheader

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Austin Pierce took his maiden victory of 2017 last Thursday evening during a Northern Outlaw Sprint Association-Interstate Racing Assn doubleheader at River Cities Speedway. Pierce of East Grand Forks was followed home by Brendan Mullen (Hugo’s Family Marketplace No 17) and Mark Dobmeier (Right Temp No 18).

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Early Life and Education

Croaker had a colorful, varied early life. Although his original goal was to become an artist, he eventually pursued education instead. He founded several educational programs and established a foundation dedicated to supporting special needs students.

He possesses many talents, such as fast driving and being experienced in combat. Although an older gentleman, he can become quite aggressive if threatened, as evidenced by their battle in Bogwater Canyon.

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Professional Career

Croaker is making the most of his rookie sprint car experience; having five top five finishes this year and currently sitting fifth in NOSA points standings.

He has competed at Fergus Falls and River Cities Speedways with tremendous local business support including Hugo’s Family Marketplace and Right Temp as sponsors.

Austin Pierce took the pole for the Buffalo Wild Wings NOSA Sprints race on Friday night, quickly seizing the lead as NOSA regular Jack Croaker fell to second position. Both drivers worked lapped traffic well as they swapped positions often before encountering caution on Lap 5. Once green flag racing resumed on Lap 6, Brenham Crouch quickly moved up to third as he chased after struggling Croaker.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Croaker was more than just an accomplished car racer – he was also an expert rose gardener, master griller, and jitterbug dancer. Additionally, he donated generously to numerous philanthropic organizations while serving on both boards for Newport News and CNU as a board member or councilor – plus being one of its founding members and benefactors at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church (where he also actively supported its annual festival).

At River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, he already boasts five top-five finishes this season and stands fifth in the NOSA points standings. Now Dustin Strand leads sprints in his Ault Construction No. 8H car by three points over Brad Seng; an event called Big Motor Mania will provide the opportunity for him to move further up in these rankings.

Personal Life

Jack Croaker hails from East Grand Forks, Minnesota, and began racing go-karts 10 years ago before switching over to sprint cars in 2015. Since 2015 he has been competing on the NOSA schedule and currently ranks 20th at River Cities Speedway.

Hugo’s and Right Temp have provided invaluable support, and Grant Boyum says he couldn’t imagine any other path than learning on one of the toughest tracks in the country – much to his father Grant Boyum and mom’s displeasure! Grant Boyum credits both them with being his biggest supporters; with nine runner-up finishes this year and close to his first win! Number eight holds special significance as it was his grandfather’s favorite car to drive during his life time.

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