Jack Dickerson

Jack Dickerson

Jack Dickerson is an esteemed American political journalist who has covered several significant events. He contributes regularly to publications like Slate and the New York Times as well as hosting his own podcast.

Dickerson lives in Mineola, Texas with his wife Nell Dickerson – an accomplished trompe l’oeil artist and needlepoint designer herself – as well as their three sons, one special daughter, and seven grandchildren.

Early Life and Education

Jack Dickerson was raised in Philadelphia and served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy before working at Kraft food production facilities in Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago.

He worked at Slate magazine in Washington, D.C. He is the author of numerous books and articles covering American politics.

In 2008, Jack used the identity of a friend to apply online for an Alaska big game hunting license and brown bear tag in GMU 9. Later he unlawfully killed and had the hide made into a rug for sale; upon conviction of violating the Lacey Act he was sentenced to three years probation. Jack leaves behind his wife Machir; two sons Phil and Chad as well as Samson his fur baby as well as several nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Dickerson was inspired to pursue cinematography by his love of movies. As a boy he recalls watching a 1946 version of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist which made him realize “films are photography”. Additionally he enjoyed Alfred Hitchcock works, which helped shape a unique style all his own.

Dickerson achieved six Pro Bowl selections, first-team All Pro honors, and was recognized as NFC Offensive Player of the Year three times. Additionally, he held onto the NFL rushing yards leader title three times.

After failing a physical with the Packers, he was traded to Atlanta Falcons and later retired as second-leading rusher of his league. Later he worked as an analyst on CBS News programs such as FACE THE NATION and 60 MINUTES as well as moderating two presidential debates during 2016. From 2015-2018 he also served as chief Washington correspondent. Today he serves as contributor on CBS This Morning.

Achievement and Honors

Prior to Doug Flutie becoming an CFL star, Knoxville-born Jack Dickerson was an all-conference college player for Mississippi State and garnered all-conference recognition as two-year starter. Dickerson became one of the school’s heroes while earning all-conference status during this period.

Dickerson fraudulently applied and received an online Alaska big game hunting license and brown bear tag using the name of a friend in 2008. Later in 2009 he illegally killed a female brown bear while hunting Game Management Unit 9 (GMU 9), violating Lacey Act regulations.

Dickerson has interviewed various prominent figures, such as Apple CEO Tim Cook, actors Glenda Jackson and Christian Bale, authors Colson Whitehead and Tara Westover as well as musicians John Prine and JoJo. Additionally he is an active member of Hi-King Club as well as having served on multiple committees at Mineola Country Club; when not working or interviewing people he enjoys traveling with his wife, family, and friends.

Personal Life

Jack Dickerson is an American journalist and author, currently hosting CBS News Prime Time, co-hosting Slate’s Political Gabfest and Whistlestop podcasts, contributing writing for The Atlantic magazine, moderating both of CBS News Presidential Debates as moderator, serving as its Chief Washington Correspondent and serving as the former moderator.

As an avid outdoorsman and writer about hunting and fishing, he has shared his love for these activities extensively in writing. However, in 2009 he unlawfully used another person’s identity to obtain an Alaska bear license that violated both state law and federal regulations.

Dickerson currently resides in Brewster, Massachusetts with his Trompe L’Oeil Artist and Needlepoint Designer wife Kate, where his work can be found exhibited across galleries and private collections across the country. He studied painting under Kurt Hauert and Armin Hoffman of Switzerland and Sy Sillman (a disciple of Joseph Albers) of America (joining Joseph Albers himself in studies of color theory). Dickerson follows in the creative legacy of architects and sculptors from Amsterdam with whom his family have always been creatively active in their creative endeavours.

Net Worth

Dickerson has earned considerable wealth through his roles as both host of Face the Nation and political director for CBS News. He also hosted other programs on this network and wrote multiple books; both live in Washington D.C. with breathtaking views of Potomac River.

Whistlestop, which explores American politics’ history. He has written several books including his memoir On Her Trail published in 2006.

Dickerson was born on July 6, 1968 in Washington D.C. to parents Claude Wyatt Dickerson and Nancy Dickerson Whitehead. He has four siblings; one brother and three sisters (he belongs to Caucasian ethnicity), with his birthday being observed every July 6.

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