Jack Dowling

Jack Dowling

Jack Dowling was an artist and writer who resided at Westbeth Artists Housing for many years before succumbing to COVID-19 on February 4, 2021 at age 89.

He hails from New Jersey but relocated to New York City for Cooper Union. Following graduation, he lived abroad before making a comeback to his homeland of New York.

Early Life and Education

Dowling was an accomplished professional golfer who placed in two top-10 finishes at major championships and won the 1921 Westchester Open. Later in life he and Peggy spent their later years living both in Marlborough, MA and Naples, FL, running an exemplary day care service that profoundly touched children who attended.

Born in Ireland and taken away from his widowed mother to attend Greenmount Industrial School in Cork as a child, where he suffered terrible abuse before ultimately campaigning for justice through Residential Institutions Redress Board compensation.

He resided since 1972 in Westbeth’s artists’ community, where his beautiful studio apartment could be found. A talented painter and writer, his works were featured in both Hamilton Stone Review and American Writing magazines.

Professional Career

Jack Dowling was both a painter and writer. His works had been featured in publications like Hamilton Stone Review, Barcelona Review, A&U Magazine. As Director of Westbeth Gallery he held visual arts chair at Westbeth Artists Residents Council for 14 consecutive years – an accomplishment worthy of note in any field!

At an international level, he has served the Society in numerous capacities – serving as its treasurer and chairing its college/university liaison committee respectively. Furthermore, he was appointed to serve on the PSP review course development committee before speaking at Physical Security Council workshops and seminars.

Jack has joined Everton after leaving Blackburn Rovers in January 2021. As such, he will likely become familiar to many players at Finch Farm after having worked in Ewood Park.

Achievement and Honors

Dowling has established a world-class health care system at North Shore. He has been honored by CIO magazine and Information Week as an expert in his field, serving on panels hosted by Goldman Sachs and Society for Information Management.

At college, he worked 100 hours each week at a factory without taking a day off and managed to save enough for tuition payments as well as for travel costs back home to Knockaderry.

But something about America was different for him and he eventually accepted an offer to join Governor Mario Cuomo’s team in Albany despite initially declining due to being content at Fordham and intending on remaining an educator. When Governor Cuomo persisted with him joining, Child Health Plus was created that ultimately became part of what is now known as Affordable Care Act more than two decades later.

Personal Life

Jack Dowling enjoyed everything outdoors and reading. An avid golfer, he spent summers in Dennis and winters in Clearwater. Jack was father to three daughters whom he cherished as much as possible; these granddaughters brought great joy into his life.

Dowling was an imposingly handsome man from Greenwich Village with high cheekbones and an unusually slim build. He worked at Colt Studios, a mail-order photo company that provided male nudes photos across the United States; this decade long job proved immensely profitable and transformative in his life.

Dowling served as visual arts chairperson of Westbeth Artists Resident Council for 14 consecutive years until his passing on February 4th. At his funeral service on that date, his parish community showed their appreciation by filling the church to capacity to honor their friend.

Net Worth

Jack Dowling has earned an esteemed reputation both on and off the golf course, both as an accomplished golfer and finance expert. Serving on our corporate finance team, he understands all of its intricate nuances, while using his exceptional interpersonal skills to craft strategies tailored specifically for clients’ unique objectives.

He currently resides in New York with his wife, children, mother and sister – and especially enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

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