Jack Hamrick

Jack Hamrick

Jack Hamrick is an award-winning painter who specializes in depicting natural subjects from his surroundings and surroundings, such as mountains to sea trails in North Carolina. His paintings combine abstract impressionism and expressive realism. He works from his studio located along this trail in Blowing Rock.

Hamrick is also co-founder of Foraged, an online marketplace for wild and specialty food items he describes as being likened to Etsy for mushroom hunting. Prior to Foraged he worked at Budweiser as their sustainability innovator as well as possessing extensive product innovation experience.

Early Life and Education

Jack Hamrick is an accomplished business professional with extensive experience in the waste and recycling industry. He has held leadership roles in sales operations, product innovation and business development – his efforts contributing to the success of multiple companies. Furthermore, his impressive track record includes federal government relations as well as business development activities.

He leaves behind his wife Maureen, sons John Jr. and Ward, grandsons Dylan and Jackson, sisters Deborah and Beverly as well as numerous nieces and nephews. John had an active musical life; for many years he was part of the Beni Kedem Shrine Gold Band.

His oil paintings reflect human psychology while providing energy with color. His current exhibition can be found at Blowing Rock’s Edgewood Cottage until Sunday, June 12th. He was an active member of both First Baptist Church of Laurens and Martha Franks retirement community.

Professional Career

Hamrick has had an expansive and distinguished career. Not only is she a respected hairdresser and coach, she has also held roles as an actress, model and community representative.

She is also a self-taught oil painter, working from her studio along the Mountain to Sea Trail in Blowing Rock, NC. Her style combines abstract impressionism with expressive realism for a distinctive painting style.

Hamrick has found time in her busy schedule to volunteer her services in various projects in her local community. She contributed two full racks of costumes and props for the Silt Historical Park holiday celebration and joined Secret Identity Community Theater Troup. Additionally, she volunteered at her local library. Hamrick has an affinity for music; having directed both Kanawha Kordsmen and Sweet Adelines barbershop groups.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Hamrick enjoys the outdoors, especially golf and skiing. Additionally, he has been active in his community by serving on multiple boards and committees; additionally he paints using expressive realism techniques designed to elicit an emotional response in viewers.

Jack made it his primary aim in life to raise his daughters into happy and productive members of society, by coaching them in recreational sports activities as well as being present whenever necessary.

He resided in Spartanburg and served on both the Charles Lea Center Board of Directors and First Federal of South Carolina Trust Boards. Additionally, he earned a master of business administration degree from University of Virginia before going on to publish 54 scientific articles and his book Dallas Rhinoplasty: Surgery by the Masters Editions 2002 & 2007 before accepting visiting professorship positions at 18 major medical centers throughout America.

Personal Life

Hamrick has dedicated much of his life to exploring subconscious creativity and expression, using oil paintings as a vehicle to explore human psychology through intuitive cognitive responses through complementary colors and patterns.

He boasts a long list of personal achievements and is a committed family man, having mentored his children in recreational sports coaching as well as Scouts mentoring programs – always being there when his family needed him most.

He is co-founder and CEO of Foraged, an online marketplace for specialty foods. With an avid interest in sustainable food innovation, he holds both master’s degrees from University of Virginia as well as bachelor’s degrees in environmental thought and practice and global sustainability. Based in Blowing Rock, NC with his wife and two children.

Net Worth

Hamrick has amassed considerable wealth through her career as a ballet dancer and choreographer, owning a luxurious home worth $7 Million where she lives. Additionally, she’s an attentive mother to an adorable daughter – making Mick Jagger one of her closest partners!

Her international fame stems from her time dancing with the American Ballet Theater for over 15 years – she began training at an early age! As an expressive dancer she quickly earned respect in the dance community.

He now serves as a full-time youth pastor, making himself well known to teenagers from across the nation. Additionally, he umpires high school baseball games while camping and fishing with his family – his estimated net worth stands at approximately $7 Million.

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