Jack Hawksmoor

Jack Hawksmoor – The God of Cities

Jack Hawksmoor is an urban hero in the Wildstorm universe who was engineered by future humans to serve as their God of Cities – connecting him symbiotically to any city and drawing power from it in turn.

When in a city, he can alter his density, breathe concrete and experience precognition and psychometry as he communicates with it directly – as well as have incredible strength, speed and agility.

Early Life and Education

Jack was an ordinary human who was abducted and surgically altered by aliens, becoming part of his city through its infrastructure and developing immense powers as a result. Now an urban hero protecting them against crime and threats to public order.

He can utilize precognition and psychometry when in cities, can alter his own density and can speak all languages spoken throughout the world. Furthermore, he possesses superhuman strength; can move freely through its gravity; and remains immune from electromagnetic pulses that could potentially harm him.

At first, he served in Stormwatch’s Black Ops Division but later took control of The Authority. Midnighter and Doctor Atom had difficulty communicating with him as they are members of The Authority as well.

Professional Career

Jack Hawksmoor is an urban hero who acts as protector for whatever city he lands in, using information provided to him from that particular locale in order to solve crimes and uncover hidden criminal activities.

He is inextricably linked with his environment; the larger the city is, the stronger he becomes. He can use it to devour entire populations or alter its shape for use against his foes.

Jack first joined Stormwatch, then later The Authority. During a fight between himself and Changers leader Mr Majestic he refused to be reasoned with. Jack appears weak outside cities; too much time spent there can cause serious health complications for him.

Achievement and Honors

During the Millar/Quitely run, Jack Hawksmoor began taking aim at higher up, such as politicians and corporations. He helped remove power-mad superpowered cops; stopped biological warfare in an American city; and solved the murder of former Stormwatch Black member Undertow.

Now he leads The Authority using The Carrier as a safe place for cities seeking political asylum and safe haven. His powers depend on the size and population density of each city he’s in; larger, more populous cities give him greater powers, but they may be lost if damaged or destroyed cities require rebuilding efforts. Furthermore, his special powers allow him to quickly revitalize parts of cities or renovate entire cities within seconds, with urban teleportation occurring between each of these.

Personal Life

Jack Hawksmoor is an Authority member and former member of Stormwatch who harbors deep antipathy towards modern heroes; he believes they look down upon regular people and doesn’t wish to protect them.

He possesses superhuman agility and strength, can communicate telepathically with cities as though they were individual beings, leap long distances with ease, stick to walls when necessary, control density using extra organs in his spleen to manage density levels effectively, as well as sense things within buildings like blue prints.

He previously worked on The Carrier with Stormwatch and other members of the Authority such as Angela Spica and Midnighter, though he tends to work alone rather than collaborate as part of a team and often comes off as cold or uncaring.

Net Worth

Jack Hawksmoor boasts a net worth of $10 Million and can access the powers associated with cities through them, including repair work. As cities expand further his abilities will grow.

Stormwatch Black first made his debut appearance in issue #37 and was recruited by Henry Bendix of the original Stormwatch to join. Alongside Jenny Sparks and Swift, Stormwatch Black works to remove power-mad cops, prevent biological warfare in small American towns, and investigates Undertow’s murder case.

He can use his powers to render cities intangible for Thanos to hit, as well as heal them during battle against Captain Atom. He was the sole individual able to do this during an encounter between them both.

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