Jack Kurtin

Jack Kurtin

Jack Curtin was an enthusiastic Notre Dame football fan. He often attended games in person or watched them on television, and also worked in the insurance industry as a surety bond producer.

Jack currently works at Goldman Sachs & Co in New York City and was previously the director of Brascan Corporation and First Service Corporation.

Early Life and Education

After an erratic education, he worked as a copy-boy on the Age, page-boy on the Rambler, labourer at a pottery, copy boy for Titan Manufacturing Co and an estimates clerk until finding permanent employment as an estimates clerk at Titan in September 1903. Read widely; earned reputation for “transparent simplicity and downright honesty”, as well as exceptional humanity.

He was an active member of both the Melbourne Labor Party and Victorian Socialist Party, regularly attending Tom Mann’s weekly economic study circle along with Frank Anstey, Jack Hyett, Don Cameron and others. But alcohol abuse became a problem; to overcome this he sought to gain a deep intellectual understanding of international socialist movement as well as unite State branches with federal headquarters headquarters.

Professional Career

Jack Curtin has long been an integral member of Goldman Sachs and currently holds several leadership roles within the firm. Currently a managing director in Investment Banking Division and chairman of Goldman Sachs Money Markets LP respectively. Furthermore, Jack served as governor on Toronto Stock Exchange before becoming board member for Brascan Corporation and First Service Corporation.

Curtin was a highly influential labour leader in Melbourne. He held positions such as state secretary of the Timber Union and editor of Westralian Worker. Additionally, Curtin played an active role in opposing overseas conscription in 1916; for this he was even jailed.

Jack brings 15 years of coaching experience and holds multiple accreditations: USSF B License, FA Youth Module FA Level 2, Prozone Performance Analysis Levels 1& 2, Talent ID Level 1. In addition, he is also qualified goalkeeper coach.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Kurtin, Professor of Humanities and Vincent Fairfax Fellow at Curtin University. Additionally he has recently been appointed Pro Vice Chancellor, International and oversees international activities at Curtin. Furthermore he oversees strategic policy decisions as well as marketing communications initiatives at Curtin.

Prior to coming to Emory, he served as head men’s cross country and track coach at Simpson College (Iowa) for 14 years and was honored by induction into their sports hall of fame in 1995.

He has extensive coaching experience at Premier League Academies such as Liverpool FC and Everton FC Academies in England, training players who have gone on to represent their countries at a top level including Raheem Sterling and Connor Coady.

Personal Life

Curtin was highly esteemed among his peers for his idealization of working-class ideals, wide reading skills, knowledge of international socialist ideology and compelling oratory – yet many were concerned by his drinking habit. By 1914 his issue had become obvious and he resigned his union post citing stress as the reason for leaving.

He rejoined The Worker as full-time publicity officer at PS12 per week and free-lanced for local, interstate, and country newspapers. In his free time he also indulged in his hobby of racing by offering advice to other members as well as communicating irregularly with Jack Gunn and Elsie Bruce.

He is widely credited with revitalizing the Labor Party after its factional splits of the early thirties, by drawing in Lang-ites from New South Wales (Eddie Ward and Jack Beasley) who had left under factional pressures of early 1930s factionalism – particularly Eddie Ward and Jack Beasley from New South Wales) into caucus again. His sense of urgency and “quiet steadiness”, combined with incisive clarity were key ingredients of success.

Net Worth

Jack Curtin died at 52 in Ashland, Massachusetts, on August 29th 2013. He was the loving husband of Verna Douthwright whom he married in 1970 and they shared two children – Kristine Swire from Ancaster and Greg from Lindsay – as well as two beloved stepdaughters Sarah and Jessica as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Mary Constance Farrell and John Joseph Curtin – who operated an insurance agency – Larry had one older brother John J. Curtin who died in 2008 and two younger ones; Larry currently resides in Florida.

Since graduating from Boston’s Northeastern University in 1968, he has joined a comedy group and performed in several off-Broadway productions. In 1985, he appeared as a guest host on Sesame Street; also, narrating episodes for Understanding documentary series; as well as appearing on Crumbs sitcom.

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