Jack Lyle

Jack Lyle

Representative Lyle is an attorney and of-counsel member at the Providence law firm of LaPlante, Sowa & Goldman in Providence. Additionally, he is certified through the National Center for Dispute Settlement as an arbitrator.

Jack was an extraordinary individual – an exceptional cop, fighter pilot, child musician, entrepreneur and amateur inventor all in one! Additionally, he served in the military and earned himself the Congressional Gold Medal as part of Tuskegee Airmen.

Early Life and Education

Tuskegee Airmen was the nation’s first black fighter squadron that defied segregated military norms. He earned acclaim for his flying skills and bravery during World War II; unfortunately he was shot down while performing his duty on September 22, 1960.

Jack Lyle was born and raised in Chicago within a family that valued education. This included piano and violin lessons with private instructors as well as having his mother maintain an extensive library for him to access in order to pursue his desire for learning.

Ruling Elder of Covenant Presbyterian Church of Waynesville and former member of West Asheville Presbyterian Church. Survived by wife Norma; two sons; Asheville Rotary Club and American Legion memberships.

Professional Career

After graduating college, Jack Lyle made an outstanding mark on engineering. His designs included roadways and water towers while his efforts at safety management saw significant reduction in accidents on construction sites.

He bred and showed Afghan Hound dogs, winning many awards. Additionally, he is an active supporter of Cystic Fibrosis in both North America and Europe, working behind-the-scenes to organize fund raising events while acting as a role model to young male CF patients.

He leaves behind his loving wife Stella, his daughter Kimberly Cole (Curtis), sons William Thomas Lovett and Bryan Merrill Lovett as well as 10 grandchildren and 10 step-grandchildren; three great nephews Lance Derrick, Wil Parker and Nathan Parker also survive him – true testaments of family man.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Lyle is an award-winning golfer, having won 29 tournaments on the worldwide tour. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist having established the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation that runs a hospital and healthcare system in Miami, Florida.

In less than 15 years, The Foundation has raised more than US$100 million through fundraising initiatives and has seen its effect culminate in changing one major local hospital from Miami Children’s to Nicklaus Children’s.

Lyle was also recognized for his professional and civic contributions, being honored with a Congressional Gold Medal by President George W. Bush and Congress for his service with Tuskegee Airmen during WWII – pioneering black fighter pilots who pioneered aviation equality for all. As such, President W. Bush presented Lyle with this prestigious honor on his birthday 2007.

Personal Life

Er was an avid reader and sports fan who also supported land conservation through Ausbon Sargent in Springfield. His dedication was evident through the success of his engineering firm.

He worked as an associate with several major companies and completed projects across different states, where his expertise in safety management substantially reduced injuries and accidents.

Norma Lyle leaves behind her daughter and son-in-law Lance Derrick and Wil Parker of Nashville; three nephews in Nathan Parker, Shauna Brink, and Misty Cook all from Nashville; two granddaughters-in-law (Lance Derrick and Wil Parker), four great nieces (Shauna Brink), as well as four great nephews – she also provides legislative history updates through LegiStorm Pro subscribers who can view Norma Lyle’s legislative history by clicking here). To discover more click here

Net Worth

Jack Lyle, as an accomplished professional golfer, is widely considered one of the finest players worldwide. He has represented Europe five times at the Ryder Cup – three of them were winning teams: 1985, 1987, and 1995.

Jack is naturally drawn to helping others and was drawn to financial services where he could assist people in finding rewarding careers and finding success. Based out of San Francisco, he now works closely with clients to analyze and implement investment, tax, and estate planning strategies.

Ali was also active as an educator, coaching young athletes and instructing boxing lessons. One of his most memorable matches was in 1976 with George Foreman as Foreman was making his comeback after losing to Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle.

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