Jack McCray

Jack McCray

Jack McCarthy was an unwavering supporter of jazz in Charleston. He founded the Charleston Jazz Initiative as well as writing weekly columns about jazz for The Charleston Scene newspaper.

In 2007, he joined other musicians at Andolini’s to form Jazz Artists of Charleston and later served on its board of directors.

Early Life and Education

Jack McCray was an astute scholar devoted to documenting, preserving, and expanding Charleston’s rich jazz tradition. While his resume may appear scattered, when one looks closely it becomes evident that each role had one purpose – documenting, preserving and expanding Charleston jazz tradition.

He dedicated much of his work to ensure black South Carolinians were adequately represented and had their interests met. In addition, he pioneered new ground in newspaper publishing by creating regional editions of some of America’s leading black newspapers.

He applied his passion for jazz to community organizations. For instance, he co-founded the Charleston Jazz Association in 1979 which later evolved into performances at Piccolo Spoleto festival each year. Furthermore, he established Little Peles soccer team so urban children could participate in organized sport activities.

Professional Career

He worked as both a real estate broker and developer, serving on the boards of multiple companies such as Cooper Communities in Benton and Deltic Timber Corporation. Furthermore, he was one of the driving forces behind developing Little Rock’s upscale Chenal Valley and Red Oak Ridge neighborhoods.

McCray co-founded the Charleston Jazz Initiative with College of Charleston professor of arts management Karen Chandler to document and present local musicians while cultivating long-lasting relationships between music lovers. As part of his civic projects, he writes weekly jazz columns for Charleston Scene magazine as well as hosting radio program The Musicians’ Corner show; additionally he founded Jazz Artists of Charleston.

Achievement and Honors

Jack McCray epitomized the spirit of carpe diem – seize every opportunity!- by cultivating long-term relationships and contributing to music’s advancement.

Charleston Jazz, his book on how jazz music has developed in Charleston. Additionally, he served as a journalist at the Post and Courier, writing sports copy for neighborhood editions as well as editing them himself and publishing his weekly entertainment column, Charleston Scene.

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Personal Life

Jack McCray was an outstanding family man with deep roots in his community. An active member of both First Baptist Church in Benton and Agape Church in Little Rock, he also held several leadership roles with organizations such as Real Estate Industry Council of Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis and Arkansas Realtors Association and was involved with banking/business development activities.

He began writing for the Post and Courier in 1985 as a sports copy editor before transitioning into neighborhood editions and jazz writing for them in 1993. Later he co-founded the Charleston Jazz Initiative with College of Charleston arts management professor Karen Chandler; also authoring “Charleston Jazz.” Unfortunately he passed away aged 64 at his Coming Street apartment.

Net Worth

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He is also a real estate developer, having played an instrumental role in creating two upscale communities – Chenal Valley in Little Rock and Red Oak Ridge in Hot Springs – through real estate development. Furthermore, he is actively engaged with civic and charitable activities.

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