Jack McWilliams

Jack McWilliams

Jack McWilliams was an accomplished author and college professor who wrote extensively on American history, literature, and culture. Additionally, he served on multiple editorial and governing boards.

He is an exceptional OF/LHP with athletic actions and efficient footwork. He fields the ball well while making accurate reads on fly balls.

Early Life and Education

McWilliams was born in Peterboro, New York. After moving to Chicago in 1857 he worked as a dry goods salesman while also learning surveying skills and pursuing civil engineering aspirations.

He was an exemplary and caring member of his community, advocating for historic buildings’ preservation while enjoying reading and racquet sports – including coaching at Marion Military Institute and Huntingdon College.

He leaves behind Dianne English McWilliams, his devoted wife of nearly 67 years; their six children: Marlene A. Browne of Singer Island, Florida; John and Carol Kelly McWilliams from Lowell; Alan and Paula from Saratoga Springs; Brian from Houston; Robert from Wilbraham. 14 of Ian’s grandchildren (Erin Spencer, Kristen Chan, David Browne; Ian, Julia Jane Tara Emily McWilliams); five great-grandchildren – Simone, Colin Declan Leo and Savannah

Professional Career

McWilliams, a graduate of the University of Alabama and former collegiate tennis player himself, was inducted into Huntingdon College Athletic Hall of Fame. Additionally, he served as strength and conditioning coach for football teams, baseball players, track & field athletes and cheerleading squads.

He has extensive tax advising experience as a consultant to lawyers and accountants on behalf of their clients’ tax issues, lecturing on various tax issues at numerous colleges and universities.

He is an outspoken supporter of legalization of marijuana and has written many articles and an open letter to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates published by Libertarian magazine. Additionally, he serves on St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church congregation in Middlebury Vermont and regularly makes charitable donations to Porter Hospital, Planned Parenthood, Addison County Food Bank and UVM Cancer Center.

Achievement and Honors

McWilliams was honored with both inductions into Huntingdon College Athletic Hall of Fame and Alabama Tennis Association Hall of Fame. He established Alabama Tennis Academy – a summer camp supporting junior tennis growth – as well as Tennis Across Montgomery.

His research into cardiac muscle fibers provided the basis for many future developments, including artificial cardiac pacemakers. He died at 84 in Louisville, Kentucky.

He found joy in reading and listening to audiobooks in his leisure time, as well as spending time with family and friends. Joseph Patrick McWilliams is survived by his wife Carolyn; children Julie Ainsworth (Chris Ainsworth) and Amy (Justin McQuary); grandchildren Alexis Ainsworth, Rhys Ainsworth, Connor McQuary as well as his parents Joseph Patrick and Mary Louise Flanagan McWilliams who predeceased him.

Personal Life

McWilliams found unclaimed tracts of land in Goodsprings while surveying for his job, making for ideal farming ground. Claiming his claim and planting fruit trees on it, McWilliams built an attraction called Trocadero Theater as well.

McWilliams had an extremely successful business and writing career prior to being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Still active against federal drug laws, he continued writing against them – even helping Todd McCormick write a book about medical marijuana before being arrested for breaking them himself.

McWilliams refused to pay his debts or stop writing and using marijuana despite his inability to afford repayment, ultimately being sentenced to prison and dying of a heart attack in 1941 – his outcast status and stubborn individualism becoming hallmarks of his legacy.

Net Worth

Bruce McWilliams holds an influential stake in several public companies. According to SEC filings, he owns over 2 million shares of Inphi Corp and Intermolecular Inc combined, estimated at an approximate value of $6 Million.

He finds great pleasure in traveling and spending time with his family – being married with four children himself, he also works as a tennis coach at Simpson University.

He was the son of David Harold McWilliams and Stella Jane Thatcher and was long-term resident of Cambridge. He was an active member of both Cambridge Masonic Lodge and Order of Eastern Star 211 of Cambridge; additionally he attended United Presbyterian Church as well as once working at Shenandoah Truck Stop.

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