Jack Noonan

Jack Noonan (Auditor)

Jack Noonan is the President of Confidential Management Services, an HR & Staffing firm located in Troy, United States with approximately 7 employees and estimated revenues estimated between $5-10 Million per annum.

He knows Mary Maloney well and was among the first officers to respond to her call for assistance, along with O’Malley. He treats her kindly and does not suspect her of involvement in the murder.

Early Life and Education

Jack Noonan was born in 1897 to John Noonan and Johanna Noonan and had three siblings: Denis Noonan was his sibling and others were.

At 17, he embarked on his merchant vessel career and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a seaman and later quartermaster. Serving during World War I on many ships with U-boat attacks was nothing less than thrilling for this young seaman.

He was also an exceptional student, playing on the football team and earning four letter wins over four years as captain of the squad. Additionally, he joined the National Honor Society. When not studying or playing sports, his free time activities included spikeball and eating popcorn while listening to music.

Professional Career

Jack Noonan serves as Asia Pacific Vice President for the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Based out of Melbourne, he oversees technical support, market development and operations across Asia. With extensive expertise in air/water quality issues, sustainability rating tools, science commercialization strategies and climate policy implementation.

He arrives quickly upon hearing of Mary’s panicked call and is familiar with the couple living there. He treats Mary kindly and respectfully, even as she attempts to manipulate him and his colleagues with her attempt at eating the leg of lamb that is used as the murder weapon.

He is also an associate professor in Salem State University’s McKeown School of Education where he offers classes on adaptive leadership, school-community partnerships and culturally responsive teaching.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Noonan currently serves as President at Confidential Management Services, an HR & Staffing company established in 1983 and estimated to have seven employees with revenue between $1M-$5M. Based in Troy, United States.

Noonan stands out with a slim body clad with black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. He displays youthful enthusiasm but remains firm when dealing with criminals; an excellent policeman, well aware of mysteries that pop up while on duty.

Noonan is known to be an outstanding father and husband, boasting Krystal as his partner and two children of their own. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and golf as well as sports like football and volleyball.

Personal Life

Jack Noonan is a sergeant with the police force. When Mary Maloney calls in to report her husband’s death, one of the first officers at her home is Jack Noonan; he shows great respect and understanding in regard to Mary Maloney’s emotional needs after this terrible event has taken place.

He is an extremely handsome man with a slender build and shiny black hair, sporting a tan complexion and full lips. In addition, David often teases him by calling it his “lingerie”.

Joseph Maloney and Mary Maloney have become close over time, as he is well acquainted with both families; specifically Mary’s mother and brother as well as their history within the region relating to Clongowes estate.

Net Worth

As of November 4, 2019, Jack Noonan owned eight units of Morningstar Inc stock worth $8 Million, but had made no insider trades within 18 months.

He has appeared in multiple television series, such as The X-Files, Law and Order: SVU, Tales from the Dark Side, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Manhunter. Additionally he acted in films RoboCop 2, Last Action Hero and The Pledge.

Noonan stands 6 ft 5 in (1.96 meters), making him an intimidating presence onscreen. Due to this imposing figure, many roles involving Noonan have featured him as menacing villains – for example all supporting characters in Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion comedy-drama Anomalisa were voiced by Noonan himself and several Broadway plays featured him prominently as well.

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