Jack Pollard

Jack Pollard – A Lifelong Trailblazer

Black and white photograph of a man wearing a heavy woollen khaki military tunic and bending over to fasten his deep tan riding boots and leather leggings onto them.

John Pollard and Ray Kuhn dressed in light horse uniforms are mounted atop their horses training them in a field in preparation for parades and military displays.

Early Life and Education

Jack Pollard was an active participant of Henrico CONNECT program, providing youths their first jobs. Additionally, he supported many local and minority-owned businesses in his community according to his wife. Jack loved spending time with family and friends and enjoyed fishing and reading the Bible in his free time.

Grew up in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii where he learned basic carving techniques from his brother Glen. Sold his first piece for sale in 1979; his focus on traditional forms without embellishments or onlays is evident in his artwork.

Raine can frequently spot him inside the Second Chance bar in Wellspring. He lives there, congratulating Raine on racing victories at Wellspring Speedway. Additionally, he’s a contributing volunteer to New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery and Pollard picnic grounds – making a positive impression wherever possible!

Professional Career

Jack Pollard was an iconoclast in multiple ways. At Lane College he excelled at three sports before breaking racial barriers as the first Black head coach of an NFL team and eventually playing in Rose Bowl and being honored with inclusion into College Hall of Fame.

He established himself as one of the premier small forwards, setting new standards in terms of versatility. Able to score, rebound and defend effectively while being one of the premier free throw shooters in NBA history.

He participated in numerous research projects, such as health economics and the influence of indoor climate on children’s health. Furthermore, he served as senior policy analyst at RAND Europe before being arrested on charges of espionage in 1985.

Achievement and Honors

The National Football Foundation recently unveiled the 185 semifinalists for their William V. Campbell Trophy presented by Mazda award, honoring scholar-athletes across all sport. Clemson offensive lineman Jack Pollard was among them.

Sir Ian McKellen, Su Pollard and Vernon Kay were among those honored at this year’s 2023 pantomime awards. Pollard starred in Mother Goose – nominated as best pantomime at venues with 500 to 900 seats – which won Best Pantomime.

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Personal Life

Jack Pollard was an exemplary husband, father and grandfather. His passions included reading, traveling and spending time on the beach. Additionally, he was an extremely dedicated employee who took immense pride in his work; moreover he treasured his family and enjoyed helping those less fortunate than himself.

He was an enthusiastic sports fan and an outstanding writer, writing on numerous subjects such as cricket, rugby league, tennis and horse racing. A popular author with several books to his credit.

He was an active member of Northridge Church and had an entrepreneurial drive, according to Gina he always dreamed of owning his own business and increasing sales at Planters Peanut store by 50% in just several years. Dylan Floyd and Cameron survive him.

Net Worth

Jack Pollard boasts a net worth of $500 thousand. He is best known for his appearances on reality shows “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York”, as well as being part of Guided by Voices band as a songwriter.

He holds both a Bachelors of Commerce from Royal Roads University and Masters of Business Administration from the Sauder School of Business at University of British Columbia. Currently he serves as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary for Westhaven Ventures Inc.

He is currently single and doesn’t have any children; his primary income source comes from his professional career and endorsements/brand promotions. He is well known in UFC circles and wishes to further build upon it in future endeavors.

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