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Wesleyan University mourns the Loss of Jack Seivwright

Wesleyan University community members are mourning the passing of Jack Seivwright who died following a skiing accident on February 12th. According to school officials, Jack’s body was discovered the following morning at their campus and will be cremated following funeral arrangements.

He joined Wesleyan men’s soccer as a freshman during 2020-21. Additionally, while at Stowe High School from 2016-20 he excelled as both tennis and hockey student-athlete, earning League Player of the Year status.

Early Life and Education

Jackson Seivwright was a student at Wesleyan University and an active member of its soccer team. Born and raised in Elmore, Vermont and attending Stowe High School – Seivwright became well known for both his athletic and academic accomplishments.

In 2016, Jackson was honored as League Player of the Year and helped his team secure four state-level victories. In addition, he participated in tennis and hockey. Following graduation, he was accepted into Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business’s three-week program which introduced him to marketing, strategy, managerial economics, accounting, and finance.

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Professional Career

Wesleyan University officials reported Jackson Seivwright died after being involved in a skiing accident while abroad this semester. Although details surrounding his accident remain undetermined, Wesleyan notes he was part of its soccer team as a freshman player during 2020-2021 and served on its soccer squad before studying abroad.

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Achievement and Honors

Jackson Seivwright, a junior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, died Sunday following a skiing accident. The school reported he was studying abroad as well as playing on their men’s soccer team; officials have not disclosed where or when this tragic event took place.

Seivwright attended Stowe High School from 2016-20, participating on its tennis, hockey and soccer teams as an athlete. He led each of them to state-level victories; earning league player of the year honors for tennis.

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Personal Life

Jackson Seivwright, 24, died while studying abroad this semester after an unfortunate skiing accident while studying. This Vermont native was part of Wesleyan’s soccer team.

Jackson excelled at Stowe High School in tennis, hockey and soccer – leading his teams to state-level victories in tennis and hockey before being honored as League Player of the Year for soccer. Subsequently he attended Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business where he participated in an intensive three-week program focused on marketing strategy, managerial economics and accounting.

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Net Worth

Jackson Seivwright was both an exceptional student and athlete. Attending Stowe High School from 2016-20, he excelled at hockey, tennis and soccer; leading his hockey team to four state-level victories; earning League Player of the Year honors; and taking home state tennis championship honors. Furthermore, Jackson pursued business education at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business through participating in their three-week intensive introduction course that covered marketing strategies, management economics accounting finance.

Capital Soccer Club (CSC) family was deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Jackson Seivwright’s untimely passing on February 13, 2023. His life will always be remembered fondly by players, coaches, and supporters of CSC for years to come. Unfortunately no official details about his cause of death have been made available publicly.

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