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Moxi Jack Skates

Built to endure high stress levels, the Jack is ideal for skaters looking to elevate their park skating or need extra ankle support. Like its sister model Lolly, however, the Jack requires several hours of break-in before fully conforming to your foot.

Customizable options such as colors, wheels and toe stops enable you to design a skate that embodies who you are as an individual.

Early Life and Education

Jack Hughes had an understanding mother who supported his skating career without micromanaging him; she wanted him to have fun while skating, so this approach worked perfectly.

Moxi’s Jack 2 skate boots were developed specifically to handle the high stress associated with ramp and park skating. Boasting stiff and supportive construction with a padded suede upper, genuine Shearling tongue lining and solid metal lace hooks; and including thoughtful touches such as the lace bar stabilizer and backstay finger loop, these boots will stand up well under pressure.

This boot offers more ankle support than its predecessor, the Moxi Jack boot. This makes it suitable for people who skate multiple hours per day or learning tricks with high-impact landings, and was created to mimic the stability of an orthopedic ankle brace.

Professional Career

Moxi skates’ Jack Boot high-top skate boots are designed for street and park skating, providing plenty of support with ample padding. After 10 hours of break-in time, the suede uppers mold to your foot shape perfectly; genuine shearling tongue and heel locking cushions add comfort; thoughtful touches like lace bar stabilizers, solid metal hooks and wax-infused laces add the final touches to this design.

Heiden suggests slightly upgrading the standard out-of-the-box set up by mounting your Jack Boot onto a Roll-Line or Komplex metal plate and adding Rollerbones Team wheels, along with toe stops and backstay finger loops as upgrades that will make skating feel effortless and be suitable for aggressive skating activities. These changes will make for the ideal skates.

Achievement and Honors

Jack is one such individual. They rarely receive recognition for the invaluable contributions they make to the skating community and live audience, yet we owe them our gratitude.

He is renowned for developing progressive training techniques and is an accomplished player/coach. During his 30+ year hockey experience as both player and coach – including playing professionally and coaching – he also specializes in player life skill advisement as well as running advanced clinics/ camps.

This award recognizes skaters who excel in their sport while upholding the spirit of good sportsmanship within UDFSC home club. Winners receive a trophy and their name is inscribed onto a perpetual plaque at Ice Chalet; previous recipients have included Kassandra Hazard, Hannah Foust and Adam Blake; while Leah Krauskopf was chosen as winner this year!

Personal Life

Jack is an elusive individual and prefers to keep his personal life out of the media’s focus. A single man, he enjoys skating as his primary hobby while traveling and reading books are other hobbies of interest he shares with fellow skaters. Additionally, Miami offers the ideal vacation location.

The Moxi Jack 2 boot is their stiffest and most supportive boot available, featuring suede uppers backed with genuine shearling tongue padding for ultimate comfort and support. Additional thoughtful features like lace bar stabilizer, solid metal hooks and wax-infused laces complete its package while the backstay finger loop and signature Moxi logo complete its look. Intended for more energetic park skaters doing flips, big airs, gaps, rails or grinds and needing approximately 20 hours for break in time before skating regularly with it.

Net Worth

Young entrepreneur has not disclosed their net worth; however, he is believed to be making significant profits through their business. Additionally, they’re active on social media platforms where they post videos about sailing experience.

Nathan Montgomery Maloley, commonly referred to by his stage name Skate, was born in Omaha, Nebraska on January 17th 1995. Following high school he went on to play basketball at Hastings College before ultimately opting to focus on music instead of sports.

He began his career by creating Vine videos with Jack Johnson, quickly amassing an enormous following. Since then, he has released multiple singles as well as four full-length mixtapes – Late 2 the Party, Twenty-Fifteen, Skaterade, and Maloski. Furthermore, he has performed alongside some notable artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Sammy Wilk and Derek Luh.

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