Jack Stansell

Jack Stansell – A Man of Simple Means

Jack Stansell has the wisdom of one many times his age. His dedication to cross country running has taught him to approach challenges from an unconventional viewpoint.

College football was always Jack Stansell’s dream, and this fall will allow him to realize it at Harvard.

Early Life and Education

Jack Stansell of Tucker GA passed peacefully away peacefully at home on December 17th in his sleep. A lifelong Christian and Mason, Jack loved spending time at Lake Sinclair vacation home with family and friends.

He was an avid college football fan and dreamed of playing for Alabama’s Crimson Tide. Although an opportunity presented itself for him to tryout as a walk-on at Auburn University, his visit to Harvard sealed the deal and convinced him otherwise.

White said White embodies an admirable work ethic and refuses to allow athletics to interfere with academics, providing an ideal example of the American dream for other athletes and serving as an inspiring role model. With wisdom far exceeding his years and speed that matches it.

Professional Career

Jack Stansell has had an exciting and varied career. From driving school buses, marshalling at golf courses and umpiring high school baseball games, to television news directorship and employment business ownership.

He intends to pursue a career in public relations. With a strong work ethic and desire to excel academically and athletically, he said he has only ever received one B grade throughout his academic life; that was in fifth-grade typing class.

James has long shown an interest in college football, and recently was accepted to Harvard University to play tight end. This marks his first opportunity at an Ivy League school – a remarkable accomplishment considering Dothan High School is home.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Stansell was raised in Dothan and attended Dothan High School where he excelled as both an athlete and student-athlete. At school he was an active member of both varsity academics team and student government association as well as taking part in Wallace Community College Science Decathlon competition as a decathlete, being recognized with top student award at grade level in an AP English course.

He had always dreamed of playing college football, so this past weekend he traveled to Rice University’s football camp with the hope of impressing coaches and getting scholarship offers from schools on his list of preferences.

Jack Stansell from Dothan High School football and Maygen Boaz-Jeffords from Chelsea High School softball were chosen overall winners at Monday night’s Bryant-Jordan Student Athlete Awards banquet, out of 48 regional winners chosen for both athletics and academic achievement.

Personal Life

Jack Stansell was living the American Dream: family, friends and faith were at its core. He enjoyed spending time with Sue at their Lake Sinclair vacation home as well as travel to new places; sports were another passion as were “weenie” dogs he loved so dearly.

He aspires to become the first student from Dothan High School ever to play an Ivy League sport, having already won regionally in the Bryant-Jordan scholarship program and earning even more funds at its statewide banquet banquet.

Cross country has taught him how to deal with the obstacles all athletes must confront in their lives, including dealing with difficult times such as when running injuries arise and dreams need to be abandoned. He emphasizes how essential perseverance and staying true to oneself are in pursuing goals and never giving up hope of reaching your dreams.

Net Worth

Jack Stansell was a man of simple means who lived out the American Dream with great vigor. He enjoyed sports, family vacations at the lake and beach and an immense devotion to God and Jesus Christ. He leaves behind his loving wife of 62 years Sue Price Stansell; sister Joan Mills (Bill); sons Jeff, Steve and Christie as well as 11 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren as well as beloved nieces and nephews to remember him by. He will be deeply missed but was an excellent role model to young and old alike – He lived a full and fulfilling life to its final moments!

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