Jack Stoller

Jack Stoller

Jack Stoller is an American attorney and judge. For several decades he practiced law at various New York City Housing Courts before eventually serving on their bench.

Stoller claimed ownership to an array of iconic trademarks and aggressively pursued claims of trademark infringement from individuals and companies alike, earning himself the reputation of “frivolous litigant.” Federal authorities eventually sanctioned him.

Early Life and Education

Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller were renowned songwriting duo during the 50’s and 60’s, becoming legendary composers with hits like Is That All There is and Smoky Joe’s Cafe. Although both began their careers as jazz pianists, their songs featured catchy beats that propelled their popularity even further.

Stoller claims in his lawsuit against the Army that they unlawfully discriminated against him under Title VII and other federal statutes by refusing to promote him based on supervisory evaluations that were either false, deficient, or motivated by illegal discriminatory motives. On remand, it will be up to the District Court to determine whether under existing procedures Stoller had an opportunity to review these evaluations prior to being informed about 1972 Career Screening Panel’s decision not to promote him.

Professional Career

Stoller began his legal career at Bronx Legal Services and later the Legal Aid Society, working in both their commercial and real estate litigation divisions, while also possessing experience in employment law and civil rights cases.

He is an active contributor to Legal Times newspaper and Forbes magazine. With an avid interest in technology and cloud computing, especially Microsoft Azure and developing front-end web applications that connect to it.

Leiber and Stoller’s songs can be heard in numerous films, TV shows and commercials; their work has earned them Grammy awards while making them the longest-running Broadway musical revue.

Achievement and Honors

Stoller has received several honors and awards over his distinguished career, most recently being named a BMI Icon in 2013. Additionally, his entrepreneurial acumen was demonstrated through Fanch Communications (a leading cable TV provider) and FiberNet LLC (an internet service provider). Furthermore, he serves as managing director at Viridian Investment Partners, a Denver-based private equity firm specializing in telecommunications; serving on numerous portfolio company boards under this organization’s control.

He is renowned for being a prolific trademark owner who has filed numerous suits against companies for trademark infringement. Allegedly using trademarks to demand payments from businesses using similar marks that use his mark; filing thousands of oppositions at the U.S.P.T.O has resulted in him receiving heavy criticism due to his aggressive enforcement of trademark rights, often called “vexatious litigant.”

Personal Life

Stoller was a loving husband, father and grandfather who enjoyed spending time with his family as well as skiing, fishing and hunting. Additionally, he was known to give to others and serve his community in various capacities.

Stoller became involved with multiple civil rights cases during his time with the Department of the Army. He claimed he was discriminated against due to his Jewish background and in 1968 was transferred back home after only one year in Saigon; later filing an administrative charge against his superiors alleging discrimination against himself and other employees.

His two daughters and three sons include Gary Palser of Gering, Illinois; Jim and Glenda Palser from Scottsbluff; Barry and Vicky Palser from Highlands Ranch Colorado; as well as ten grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

Stoller is an exceptionally successful businessman who has amassed considerable wealth through various businesses he owns and his vast success as Vice-Chairman of Express Employment Professionals and owner of Xenium HR. These ventures have enabled him to amass over 15 Million in wealth.

Stoller co-wrote and directed the critically-acclaimed comedy Neighbors (2014) alongside Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, which grossed nearly $271 million worldwide. Most recently he directed Warner Bros’ animated feature Storks (2016) as his next project.

Stoller also earned writing credits on Kevin Hart’s Night School (2018) and Disney’s DC League of Super-Pets (2022). Furthermore, he served as sole writer on DreamWorks Animation’s Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017).

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