Jack Webcomic

Jack Webcomic

This series follows Jack, an embodiment of Wrath who leads souls to Hell for judgment. Additionally, this tale explores life’s unfairness and its nature of sin.

Hopkins can use web comics to explore controversial subjects without fear of censorship – this is most evident with how characters like Drip – the embodiment of Lust – are treated.

Early Life and Education

Jack the Reaper is an animated series centered on a rabbit who doubles as Death himself. Many arcs depict deaths in graphic ways. As this cartoon deals with more mature themes such as disease, rape, murder, suicide and bereavement issues that should not be watched by children, it should not be recommended.

Real-life events and issues, like the Columbine High School Massacre, have often been addressed through humor. Additionally, issues related to AIDS, cancer and other diseases, homicide, sexual abuse and suicide have all been broached by this comedian series.

Some arcs address issues of forgiveness and redemption; however, those attempting to redeem themselves often end up suffering even more due to their good deeds – as was evidenced in Fnar’s experience in his arc where he was restrained to a rock and repeatedly stabbed with knives.

Professional Career

Jack the Rabbit is a rabbit-shaped Grim Reaper. As such, most of this comic takes place in the afterlife and deals with death in various forms – often quite goryly! Warnings should be noted as this story contains material not suitable for children or sensitive readers.

Hopkins was working as a freelance artist before creating the comic, which quickly gained in popularity and attracted an enormous reader base.

This comic follows the sinners and angels who populate Hell. Some enjoy inflicting pain upon others and this theme often appears within its pages. Yet despite this darkness, the tone remains lighthearted with many running gags such as Drip (Lust) laughing while defecating and his desire for having his genitals removed being an ongoing gag.

Achievement and Honors

Jack is a wizened green rabbit who serves as the Grim Reaper. His punishment involves witnessing all the deaths that have ever existed and seeing their effects up close; furthermore, this causes him great anger. Additionally, his memory of life on Earth is completely gone leaving him feeling powerless against it all.

Nearly every story in this comic involves death and afterlife; many deaths are especially brutal, and their injustice is an ongoing theme in the comic.

Hopkins has created several collected editions of his comic, each including additional story arcs. Farrago, Central and Brisk often make appearances. Guest arcs by other furry writers have also made guest appearances.

Personal Life

Jack is an animated series depicting life after death, taking place mostly in Hell. Jack represents Wrath and collects souls to guide them towards judgment.

In most of the comic, events unfold after an apocalypse engulfs most of Earth, including its original inhabitants: humans.

Gratuitous rape is a frequent motif in the comic and often seems to serve as a form of torture; an example being Megan giving Fiver the mother of all groin attacks with cords attached – visible signs that this was meant as punishment.

Hopkins has made no secret of his dislike of women, which may explain why so many female characters in the comic are treated poorly. Drip the main villain also seems to reflect this distaste for them in her actions.

Net Worth

Hopkins is best known for writing his main character, Jack. However, in addition to that he also writes comics featuring Cliff and Long Island that are set within the same universe. Furnation Multimedia also published several collections arcs from Hopkins’ work with Jack comics.

While most arcs take place in Hell, Hopkins does occasionally venture outside his realm and explore real-life events such as those associated with Columbine High School Massacre. One such episode featured a scene similar to this tragedy.

Jack often contains profanity and bloodshed, especially with regard to characters like Drip – the rat personification of Lust. Since webcomics do not impose editorial censorship restrictions on their work, it may often contain material considered inappropriate for younger viewers.

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