Jack Woolard

Jack Woolard – A Man of Many Talents and a Force to Be reckoned With

Jack Woolard served in the US Air Force for twenty-one years before retiring and now resides in Oldsmar, Florida.

He brings with him extensive real estate industry expertise and has served as CEO for numerous companies.

He has served on various boards, winning various awards in real estate.

Early Life and Education

Woolard was an enthusiastic student, taking pleasure in experiencing all aspects of life from trying new cuisines to attending performances at the symphony or opera. Though reserved, his laughter could easily turn heads – though his best teasing would usually remain reserved for close companions.

His charitable endeavors include serving on the Board of Directors for North Pitt High School and as Chairman of the state Lions Tail Twisters committee, as well as membership on its Brighter Visions, Camp Dogwood, Information Technology, Tissue Donor Committees. In addition, he was District Governor with various awards to show for it; also, having graduated with a Masters in Public Affairs from Washington University he frequently speaks on environmentalism and civic leadership at various events.

Professional Career

Woollard was a versatile player and represented seven league standard clubs over his 12-season career, starting with Sturt in 1901 before debuting in the SAFL in 1908. As captain of Sturt he led them to their 1910 premiership win against East Fremantle (Western Australia) and Collingwood (Victoria).

Friends of the Earth found Du Pont’s advertisement misleading and deflective of its environmental record – including pollution, toxic waste disposal and stratospheric ozone depletion. Their organization released “Hold the Applause,” an influential report sent directly to shareholders of Du Pont in August 1991 and providing a detailed critique of both their TV spot and environmental speeches delivered at shareholder meetings; ultimately it led them to change their advertising strategies accordingly.

Achievement and Honors

On Friday morning, Tift County law enforcement lost one of its longtime members when Major Jack Woolard succumbed to a heart attack and passed away. Leading the sheriff’s department’s Special Operations Department and known for his many talents on the job, Woolard will be sorely missed by both community members and law enforcement personnel in Tift County.

He is an esteemed scientist in his field and was awarded the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for his contributions to Mars Science Laboratory guidance, navigation and control subsystems. Additionally, he created low noise “spider web” bolometers suitable for ground-based observations as well as balloon and spaceborne deployment.

Other winners included Josi Barscz, Charlotte Borland, Rileigh Johnson, Karmen Koch and Brandon Kratz who achieved all A’s through Advanced Placement English exams with high honors. Lilyanna Alexander, Alec Bolding Mickalea Bowman and Madison Brewer were also recognized.

Personal Life

Woolard was an attentive, hardworking and loving husband, father, and grandfather. A member of both Freemasonry Lodge of Camby (where he served as elder), Baptist church membership and farming pursuits throughout his lifetime were hallmarks of his dedication and affability.

He leaves two sons, three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren behind as well as many nieces and nephews he left behind. Additionally, many friends and colleagues in law enforcement will miss him greatly.

Tift County Sheriff Jack Vowell described Woolard as a dedicated, loyal and trusted colleague and friend within his department. As head of Special Operations he began working for Tift County in 1974 – becoming known for his sense of humor and ability to get along with all at his workplace.

Net Worth

Woolard was an intimidating presence despite his typically soft-spoken demeanor; when necessary, however, his sense of humor could turn up the volume when required.

Jamal Woolard (born July 8, 1975) is an American actor and rapper best known for portraying Notorious B.I.G in the 2009 film Notorious as well as for his rap career under Gravy.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million and remains largely anonymous regarding his parents and love life. After graduating from Bristol Old Vic Show School in 2011 as a performer he went on to star in multiple movies and TV shows including War Horse on Broadway.

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