Jack Yearian

Jack Yearian Will Run For the Oregon Ducks Next Fall

Jack Yearian is a fun-loving wisecrack who enjoys fast times and medals. When his Bellarmine Prep career concludes, he plans on donning the Oregon Duck uniform.

Ghiorso held a substantial lead going into the final lap of his 3200 meter race when unexpectedly, Jack Yearian flew past him at top speed. Ghiorso was taken aback at how quickly Yearian raced past.

Early Life and Education

Jack Yearian enjoys pulling off an effective prank or telling an amusing one-liner at someone else’s expense – something which has served him well during his varsity running career at Bellarmine Prep and will undoubtedly come in handy when he joins Oregon Ducks’ NCAA Division I running team next fall.

Yearian has already made history at Bellarmine High School by setting track records in both the mile and two-mile races, becoming one of the nation’s premier long distance runners and competing this spring in the Brooks PR race – which brought together some of the top high school runners across the nation – before setting his ultimate goal of breaking four minutes for one mile race; only seven other high school athletes have ever accomplished this feat before!

Professional Career

Yearian is an energetic wisecrack with a love of fast times and winning first-place medals. An officer with the Associated Student Body, he volunteers at local food banks and homeless shelters before coaching youth track and field. In the future he hopes to attend University of Oregon with an athletic scholarship and run for their Ducks team.

At the Arcadia Invitational, a race that attracts top long distance runners from across the country, Yearian bested all 3200 meter competitors with a breathtaking final lap performance to win his division. He is an exceptional runner who sets high goals for himself while pushing beyond what his body can manage; thus earning himself recognition as one of the finest high school runners in California before hoping to take his talents on to college level competitions.

Achievement and Honors

Yearian’s track and field achievements include winning both the mile and two mile events at the 4A state championships while breaking Bellarmine school records for both. After competing in Seattle’s Brooks PR race with some of the nation’s top long distance runners and placing fifth, he hopes to achieve one year ahead what only seven high school athletes have accomplished so far – breaking four minute mile barriers!

Yearian takes great pleasure in playing pranks or making jokes when not running and can often be heard cracking wise. He keeps a special gold medal from winning state competitions in his track equipment bag as a reminder of past accomplishments and future goals.

Personal Life

Yearian earned state 4A championships for both mile and two-mile runs while serving on Bellarmine Prep’s distance team, as part of which he ran in their Distance Medley Relay relay race.

Apart from his running ability, he excels in school and regularly volunteers at food banks and homeless shelters in his community. Furthermore, he serves as youth track coach.

As a hobby, he enjoys pulling off clever pranks or jokes at his competitors’ expense – particularly Cameron Wyman of Lions 800 running team, whom he often teases with jokes or playful jabs. A life-long racing enthusiast, this fun-loving wisecrack also enjoys fast times and collecting first-place medals; now joining Oregon Duck men’s running squad.

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