Jack Zampolin

Jack Zampolin – Interchain Finanace!

Jack Zampolin is one of the cofounders of Sommelier, a project within the Cosmos ecosystem. Additionally, he serves as Vice President Product at Akash Network and advises Kava Labs’ team. We were delighted to sit down with Jack to discuss Cosmos, Interchain Finanace and more!

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Professional Career

Jack is one of the co-founders of Sommelier, the Cosmos Stargate SDK that facilitates interchain finance using Tendermint consensus layer. Additionally, he holds positions such as Vice President Product at Akash Network’s decentralized cloud computing marketplace built within Cosmos ecosystem and advises Kava Labs which is developing their lending platform on Cosmos blockchain.

Zampolin credits Launch Pad with helping him gain valuable feedback from judges with experience in business development and product management, raising awareness among young entrepreneurs while providing them with a high-profile platform to showcase their products. “There’s nothing comparable out there,” says Zampolin, “so this program is truly remarkable.

Personal Life

Jack Zampolin is one of the cofounders of Sommelier, an ecosystem project of Cosmos ecosystem. Composed of Cosmos Stargate SDK, Tendermint-based consensus layer and decentralized Ethereum bridge managed by global network of validators, Sommelier will provide improved tooling for Liquidity Providers on Ethereum by authoring and executing complex financial transactions such as portfolio rebalancing, batch orders and batched orders. Jack joined us this week to talk governance of Sommelier as well as discuss its future direction – take note!

This episode was recorded on January 27, 2023.

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