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Wellford, SC – Jackolane Mattison and Briley Barnett Died in a Car Accident on Tuesday

A woman and her daughter were killed in a car accident on Tuesday in Wellford, SC. The lady in question was a thirty-something teacher’s assistant at the Wellford Academy of Science and Technology. She was also a proud Byrnes High School graduate. Her name was Megan Jackson Barnett.

Her daughter, Briley, was a first grade student at the school. This incident has brought the community of Lyman and Wellford closer together than ever. As a community member, I’m praying for the families affected.

The Wellford Police Department is investigating this crash as of this writing. It will be releasing a complete report at the end of the investigation. Until the forensic testing can be conducted, no conclusions can be drawn about what caused the crash. However, Chief David Green has said that speed was a factor.

He says that the driver of the other vehicle was a 43 year old man from Lyman. According to a tally by the county coroner, the car was travelling at a rate of more than 50 mph. Jackolane Mattison was driving a Ford Fusion and did not apply the brakes. His car crashed into the BMW SUV driven by Megan. Despite what the police say, it appears that the BMW was hit from behind.

Regardless of who was at fault in the crash, it was a horrendous event. It is too early to know what type of funeral or service will be offered for the two victims, but a GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for the funeral. Some locals are calling the loss of a mother and daughter as “unfortunate,” especially when you consider that both the victim and her family were highly active members of the community. In fact, Briley and her mother attended the same school.

There is no doubt that the crash was a tragedy for the Barnett family, but it is also a stinging blow to the school and the district. Officials at the Wellford Academy are taking steps to provide support for its students and faculty. They have counselors on campus to offer guidance and support to the many students impacted by this tragic incident.

A GoFundMe campaign has also been launched to raise money for the Barnett family. A fundraiser organizer wrote a touching message. If you have an extra minute or two to spare, take a look. While there is no guarantee that this will help the Barnett family, it certainly is a gesture that could go a long way in light of the tragedy.

The Barnett family was a well-loved member of the Wellford community. Their presence has been felt everywhere. The ta-tas are all over town, and the community is praying for the families involved.

I can’t think of a better way to honor a young lady who exemplified the meaning of the word family. Whether she was the star of a class, or simply a great friend, she leaves behind a legacy of love and compassion.

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