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Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal

Benjamin, born to Jacob and Rachel’s union, would become one of Israel’s twelve tribes and Joseph’s full brother.

Joseph preferred Benjamin by giving him more food when they shared meals together, then put their integrity through the rigorous test by instructing a steward to come sneak up behind them and accuse them of theft.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin was Jacob and Rachel’s 12th and youngest son; full brother to Joseph who received special treatment by both families; his story can be found in Genesis 35-49.

His name comes from the Hebrew for “son of the right hand,” suggesting he was held in high regard by both his parents, siblings, and mother. Additionally, it may have been chosen because it sounds similar to “southerner.”

Benjacob traveled back to Vilnius where, together with Abraham Dob Bar *Lebensohn, he published a 17-volume edition of the Bible with German language translation (in Hebrew type) and commentary (1848-1853) that helped spread haskalah among Russian Jewry.

Professional Career

Jacob Benjamin Fite is an award-winning musician from western Ohio who has performed with several highly successful bands. As an accomplished pianist, drummer, and guitarist who specializes in jazz as well as country and rock genres.

Jacob Benjamin serves as Director of Professional Services for industrial cyber security firm Dragos Inc, where he oversees delivery and execution of compromise assessments, architecture reviews, incident response exercises, network penetration tests and threat hunting services to ICS/OT/SCADA networks worldwide.

As well as his professional duties, he enjoys sports and classic cars from the 1960s. Additionally, he supports numerous music-focused charities and nonprofits, such as Education Through Music and Hungry for Music. Together with his wife he has two children; recently, he was honored as Cherokee Bluff High School Man of the Year.

Achievement and Honors

Jacob Benjamin Fite of western Ohio is an award-winning musician known for playing piano, drums, and guitar in high-profile bands both within the U.S. and internationally. His performances span from jazz to country to rock ‘n’ roll genres onstage.

Cherokee Bluff senior Jacob Benjamin wasn’t expecting his name to be called when it was time for him to accept Thursday night’s Atlanta Falcons High School Man of the Year Award modeled on NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year honor, which recognizes both athletic achievement and leadership off-field.

Jacob currently works as the Director of Professional Services for industrial cyber security company Dragos, responsible for conducting compromise assessments, architecture reviews, incident response exercises and penetration tests on ICS/OT/SCADA networks worldwide.

Personal Life

Jacob Benjamin Fite is an award-winning musician and multi-instrumentalist from western Ohio, specializing in jazz, country and rock ‘n’ roll music styles. Throughout the United States and overseas tours he has proven his talent.

Jacob refuses to release Reuben and Judah’s son Benjamin, so Reuben and Judah promise they will look after him (Genesis 42:37). Joseph uses these brothers as an opportunity to test them further – providing five times as much food for Benjamin than for any of his other brothers, then dispatching a servant feigning jealousy over an object found in Benjamin’s possession (Genesis 43:11-12).

He presented annual concerts to raise funds for Rowland Hill’s almshouses; however, after much debate and public correspondence their relationship broke apart. From 1825-1875 he served as organist of Surrey Chapel.

Net Worth

Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal, estimated net worth: $80 Million. Gyllenhaal began acting professionally as a child actor, going on to star in numerous projects as an adult actor spanning dramatic and comedic roles alike, in theater plays as well as TV.

Gyllenhaal was born December 19, 1980, in Los Angeles to parents involved in film. His older sister is actress Maggie Gyllenhaal; both she and Gyllenhaal have acknowledged having enjoyed a “privileged” upbringing that allowed them to transition seamlessly into professional acting careers thanks to opportunities provided by their parent’s careers.

Jake Gyllenhaal has made millions from movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead and Zodiac. In addition to acting, Jake has done various commercials and endorsements – most notably being named brand ambassador of Cartier watches.

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