James A Janisse Net Worth

James A Janisse Net Worth – How Much Is James A Janisse Worth?

James A Janisse is an inspirational professional who strives hard for success. He openly shares any challenges or difficulties he encounters and uses them as fuel for personal growth and improvement.

Dead Meat and Practical Folks are popular YouTube channels where he co-hosts Chelsea Rebecca, James Graessle, and Joel Arnold upload comedy sketches and videos for viewing pleasure.

Early Life and Education

James A Janisse was born May 6, 1989 in Detroit, Michigan and is now an internationally acclaimed YouTube personality with an immense fan base. His two channels regularly upload content. Furthermore, he can be found active across social media networks earning income through paid promotions.

Dead Meat currently boasts more than 5 Million subscribers while his other channel Practical Folks features more than 2 Million. Together with Chelsea Rebecca and James Graessle, he creates sketch and comedy videos on their channel.

He is a huge fan of horror films, and has amassed an extensive collection. In collaboration with several leading figures in the industry, his passion for this genre led him to launch a channel focused on tracking death counts in horror films.

Professional Career

James Janisse is an established YouTube Star from Michigan. His popular channels are Dead Meat and Practical Folks; in addition he can often be seen as background character acting in films or TV series.

His YouTube channels have seen immense growth over the years and have helped him make substantial profits from them. His Kill Count series is particularly successful at introducing horror movie fans to this genre in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

On his Dead Meat channel, he posts podcast series and reactions, sketch comedy videos hosted by Chelsea Rebecca and James Graessle on Practical Folks channel; additionally he works as an editor for Powerhour.

Achievement and Honors

James is an immensely popular YouTube Star who has amassed an enormous following. Additionally, he has established himself in other fields; for instance he has appeared as film critic in several movies as well as contributing to multiple websites and blogs.

Dead Meat, his channel dedicated to horror movies, as well as Practical Folks which includes comedy sketches and reaction videos focused on Game of Thrones are two channels he founded.

He and co-founder Chelsea Rebecca appear as film critics in Scream (2022). Additionally, they host a segment on Count Kill Count channel.

Personal Life

James Janisse was born on 6 May 1989 in Detroit, Michigan. In 2012 he began dating Chelsea Rebecca who would become one of his co-founders for Practical Folks; they got engaged on 13 September 2019 (Friday).

Janisse hosts two widely-subscribed YouTube channels – Dead Meat and Practical Folks, respectively – that feature comedy reactions and stand-up. Dead Meat currently boasts over 5 Million Subscribers while Practical Folks boasts 94,000+.

His most beloved show on his channel is called The Kill Count and charts death scenes from horror films while providing viewers with interesting trivia. The series has introduced many new fans to horror cinema in a fun, accessible way and blended love of genre with humor to provide entertainment that was both educational and entertaining – perfect for both dedicated horror enthusiasts and curious viewers.

Net Worth

Janisse Janisse is an online entrepreneur known for accumulating his fortune through YouTube channels like Dead Meat and Practical Folks that specialize in horror movie reviews and comedic sketches.

His extensive knowledge of horror movies has led to collaborations with notable creators like the executive producer of The Walking Dead and R.L. Stine, broadening his reach and expanding his fan base even further.

Dead Meat, James’ channel, features counted deaths from popular horror films like Friday the 13th and Scream. James provides informative yet entertaining kill counts on these films while making pop culture references throughout. In addition to this content, Dead Meat features additional horror-related content.

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