Jasmin Ragland Too Large Now

Jasmin Ragland is Too Large Now

Jasmin Ragland was known for her weight problems as a child. She was known for eating too much and not exercising enough. As a young woman and mother, Jasmin knew she needed to drop hundreds of pounds to survive. In the present day, however, she has made strides toward her weight loss goals and is currently enjoying life.

Jasmin Ragland is not alone. A recent survey suggests that as many as one in four American women are obese, and the average person weighing over 260 pounds is considered overweight. Not only is the condition a physical and emotional strain on the patient, but it can also lead to medical complications in the form of diabetes and high blood pressure. One of the best ways to treat the disease is to shed the extra pounds via surgical procedures like bariatrics. After undergoing surgery in October of 2020, she is on the road to recovery. Her family is thrilled with her newfound health, and she is looking forward to spending more time with them.

While undergoing the surgery, Jasmin was able to get down to a healthier weight. To date, she has lost over 100 pounds, making her the poster child for the aforementioned surgical procedure. Her journey to the land of milk and honey has been an inspirational one. With a renewed sense of vigor and a healthy attitude, Jasmin is ready to take on the world. The one thing she wishes she had done when she was younger is start exercising more often.

Of course, she still needs to drop hundreds of pounds in order to survive, but she is on the road to recovery. In the present day, Jasmin is enjoying life with her son, while she looks forward to doing it all again in the near future. Having the means to pay for her swanky diet and exercise regime is a great motivator, and she is grateful for the chance to take her health into her own hands. Fortunately, she has a supportive husband and a cadre of friends and family to keep her on the right path.

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