Jean Stapleton Net Worth

Jean Stapleton net worth has skyrocketed thanks to her success in the entertainment industry. She enjoys an enormous following globally.

She has appeared in Broadway musicals such as Damn Yankees and Bells Are Ringing, as well as movies such as Arsenic and Old Lace.

She is best-known for her iconic role as Edith Bunker on All in the Family, which continues to bring in revenue through syndication and royalties.

Early Life and Education

Jean Stapleton was born January 19, 1923 in Manhattan, New York to Marie Stapleton Murray (an opera singer) and Joseph Murray (an entrepreneur and businessman). She attended Wadleigh High School before taking theater classes after school hours under Marie’s maiden name – which became her stage name.

She began her successful theatre career as a summer stock actress in 1941, going on to star in several Broadway productions including Bells Are Ringing, Rhinoceros and Damn Yankees.

Rob Reiner described working with her on All in the Family as one of his life’s most fulfilling experiences, noting her brilliant comedienne talents with impeccable timing.

Professional Career

Jean Stapleton was an esteemed actress renowned for her career on All in the Family television show and many other television programs and movies, especially as Edith Bunker on that hit TV series. Additionally, she appeared in many other projects like films.

At an early age, she began performing in summer stock productions before making her Broadway debut with American Gothic in 1941. Other hits that she performed on Broadway include Funny Girl, Juno and Bells Are Ringing.

Stapleton continued her acting career after All in the Family ended, appearing in various television shows and movies, such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Murphy Brown and Aunt Mary. Additionally, she made an appearance in Canada’s production of Something’s Afoot.

Achievement and Honors

Jean Stapleton left behind an exceptional legacy as one of Hollywood’s premier actresses, from her groundbreaking performance as Edith Bunker to her stellar character acting roles and awards – including being honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jean Stapleton was born Jeanne Murray in New York City to Marie A. Stapleton and Joseph E. Murray, an advertising salesman. Her professional acting career began during World War II; appearing in summer stock productions as well as Off-Broadway theatrical plays.

At times she worked alongside Woody Allen himself; this includes appearing in his films Damn Yankees and Bells Are Ringing as well as performing Something’s Afoot with Canadian production in Canada and playing her in Aunt Mary based on true life events on television.

Personal Life

Jean Stapleton died from natural causes at 90 in May 2013, leaving behind daughter Pamela Putch and son John Putch both of whom work in entertainment.

Stapleton launched her acting career in the 1940s by appearing at summer stock theater and television programs such as Starlight Theatre, Robert Montgomery Presents, Lux Video Theater, Woman with a Past and The Patty Duke Show. Additionally she performed several Broadway plays such as Jane Bowles’ In the Summer House and Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros which she reprised her roles for movie versions as well.

In 1971, she first made headlines as Edith Bunker in ‘All in the Family’ on television, earning three Emmy awards and great fame among viewers. Later she appeared in movies such as Klute and Cold Turkey.

Net Worth

Jean Stapleton was an esteemed actress and woman who made an impactful mark in her world. Her iconic portrayal of Edith Bunker on All in the Family garnered her three Emmy Awards and many devoted followers, while she went on to enjoy an accomplished film and television career and was honored with induction into both the Television Hall of Fame and American Theater Hall of Fame.

Stapleton first made her mark as an actress on Broadway during the 1940s, where she appeared in various productions to demonstrate her varied acting capabilities. Additionally, she made appearances in movies like Damn Yankees and Klute.

Stapleton was an advocate for women’s rights and used her platform to raise awareness on a range of issues, as well as attending the 1977 National Women’s Conference. Additionally, she practiced Christian Science and was deeply committed to making a positive difference in others lives.

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