Jena Thomas

Jena Thomas – A PR Rockstar

Jena Thomas is a compassionate team member with post-master’s psychiatric nurse practitioner certification who uses an integrative and evidence-based approach to help her patients overcome mental health challenges.

Her landscape paintings depict dreamlike and otherworldly worlds that explore how mankind impacts the natural environment. Displaced constructs like pools and patios act as visual markers between synthetic materials like pools and patios and organic matter such as gardens. Soft colors evoke dusk light sensation, portraying our world at the verge between light and darkness.

Early Life and Education

Jena Thomas earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA before going on to receive her Master of Fine Arts at University of Miami Coral Gables Florida. Her work has been displayed at Boca Raton Museum of Art Lowe Art Museum FATVillage Projects among others.

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Professional Career

Jenna Thomas is an extraordinary PR pro and Director of Public Relations for Nebo. Her team has become one of the most successful and influential in their industry; as a finalist at 2014 PR News PR People Awards.

Carol has an exceptional passion for helping her clients to explore their inner lives and realize the healing potential that begins when individuals are treated with unconditional regard. To do this effectively and creatively she uses client-centered counseling approaches with children, adolescents, and adults alike.

Jena prides herself on creating quality relationships with her clients while they work towards their mortgage goals. With an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry and a dedication to finding them the most beneficial loan programs and rates available to her clients.

Achievement and Honors

Jenna Thomas received the Alyce Marita Whitted Award, presented to students who display perseverance despite facing extraordinary obstacles, as well as receiving the Maggie Wardle Scholarship.

She is represented by Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery and has been highlighted in Studio Visit magazine, New American Paintings and art publication “Context”. Her works explore contemporary situations where man alters or views nature differently.

Jenna serves as Senior Director of Public Relations at Nebo, where she has transformed their PR department into an impressive force through innovative processes and leadership. Jenna spearheaded the groundbreaking Choose ATL campaign which has changed perceptions about Atlanta; additionally, she was named one of PR News’ Top Women in PR for two consecutive years.

Personal Life

Jena Thomas is a family nurse practitioner in Saint George, Utah who treats patients of all ages. Her passion lies in helping people address mental health challenges; in fact she holds a post-master’s certificate as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

Her paintings depict haunted and surreal landscapes that explore how humans modify the natural world. Displaced human debris and man-made constructs like pools and patios dominate her work, serving as boundary lines between what is artificial and organic. Soft colors evoke dusk light for an immersive dusk light experience and capture moments when light shifts to darkness.

Her work has been showcased in Studio Visit and New American Painting magazines, while she is represented by Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery. Additionally, she received the Ruth Katzman Scholarship from Art Students League of New York as well as placing as a finalist for 701 Center for Contemporary Arts Prize and Miami University Young Painters Competition.

Net Worth

Jena Sims has amassed quite an fortune through her acting career, appearing in multiple movies and theater performances alike. Additionally, she runs a non-profit organization dedicated to planning children’s beauty pageants.

She has made herself an indispensable voice in conservative American politics, lending support to various conservative causes while simultaneously criticizing liberal viewpoints. Her activism combined with her growing net worth has cemented her status as an influential voice on the national scene.

Jena also loves traveling with Brooks, an accomplished golfer. They regularly make headlines when attending PGA tour events together and often make each experience unforgettable for their followers. Additionally, the couple love spending quality time with their dogs.

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