Jenna McCorkell Net Worth

Jenna McCorkell is an esteemed figure skater who has won eleven British National Championships as well as multiple gold medals at international Ondrej Nepela and Ice Challenge competitions.

Although she didn’t secure an offer during this week’s episode of Dragons’ Den, the panel was impressed with her business concept.

Early Life and Education

Jenna McCorkell hails from Coleraine in Northern Ireland and is a professional figure skater who competed at both 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic Games. In total she won eleven British National Championships as well as medals at international Ondrej Nepela and Ice Challenge competitions.

Train in Coventry under Juri Bureiko and Marina Serova; she takes three one-hour sessions per day on the ice in addition to training in jumping and conditioning off of it.

Jenna McCorkell finished eighth at the European Championships in 2008 and married Belgian skater Kevin van der Perren shortly thereafter. According to numerology, her life path number 3 symbolizes creativity and charisma – five feet five inches at height with weight of 126 lb! Jenna keeps both aspects of her personal and romantic lives private.

Professional Career

Jenna McCorkell is an eleven-time British figure skating champion. She has represented Britain at two Winter Olympic Games as well as winning numerous other international competitions.

Unfortunately, her career was cut short due to a broken leg suffered in 2005/06. Due to this injury she had to retire from competitive skating and train as an instructor instead.

After her retirement from skating, she joined forces with fellow skater Kevin van der Perren to begin coaching skaters in Dundonald as well as coaching those from Belgium where Kevin hails.

Jenna McCorkell was given a Life Path Number 3 which indicates her to be creative, inspiring and social. Her gift for communication stands her in good stead as an effective leader. In 2016, she launched Chique Sport clothing line which has seen great success thus expanding Jenna McCorkell’s net worth exponentially.

Achievement and Honors

Jenna McCorkell is an internationally renowned figure skater from Northern Ireland. She has won eleven British national championships and participated in two Winter Olympic competitions.

She is also a multiple medalist at international Ondrej Nepela and Ice Challenge ice skating competitions; two bronze medalists of World Cup series; and three-time European Champion.

Now, she has her sights on competing at the Olympic Games, something she has been working towards since she was seven years old. Vancouver will play host to her Olympic debut event and she is being trained by Juri Bureiko; Kevin van der Perren from Belgium is her husband.

Personal Life

Jenna McCorkell is an Olympic figure skater who won eleven British National Championships during her career. In addition, she is renowned as an accomplished choreographer.

Coleraine native Jade began skating at seven and soon after was selected to represent Great Britain at national competitions. By age ten she had won her first senior championships.

She initially trained under Margaret McAllister and Yuri Bureiko before moving to Coventry after the 2002-03 season to continue working with him.

Yulia Lipnitskaya first competed at the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 and placed twenty-fifth in both short program and free skate, and won gold. Later that same year she launched her bespoke line of figure skating training wear called Chic Sport that received positive response from public.

Net Worth

Jenna McCorkell Net Worth is an renowned figure skater who has been active since 2002, winning multiple awards and becoming one of the premier skaters worldwide. Additionally, she is an astute business woman running her clothing line Chique Sports.

She competed at both the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic Games, earning eleven British National titles along with senior international medals such as those won at Ondrej Nepela Memorial and Ice Challenge events.

At present, she is married to Belgian skater Kevin van der Perren and lives together with him in Liedekerke and Ninove in Belgium. As an avid fan of Dancing on Ice she regularly attends shows while running coaching classes for prospective skating students worldwide.

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