Jeremy Benjamin

Jeremy Benjamin

Jeremy Benjamin is an associate in the firm’s Litigation Department and leads its Pro Bono Group. He provides clients with representation in international litigation and arbitration proceedings.

247Sports ranks Jeremy among Florida’s premier ILB recruits and offers have come in from Illinois, Memphis, Kentucky, West Virginia and Texas A&M – among many others.

Early Life and Education

Between birth and age eight is an integral time in brain development and education. According to UNESCO, quality early childhood care and education can promote children’s social-emotional outcomes while also contributing to economic growth and sustainable development.

Many educational theorists have had an influenceful impact on education, such as Erikson who developed psychosocial theory – which outlines stages of child development. Erikson believed that children who enjoy consistent, responsive caregiving relationships and an inclusive environment tend to thrive better.

As a Paul, Weiss attorney, Jeremy Benjamin manages the firm’s pro bono litigation efforts and establishes partnerships with legal service organizations. He is involved with international human rights matters as well as serving on the New York State Bar Association Committee on Civil Rights.

Professional Career

Jeremy Benjamin is an Associate with Lexington Partners who specializes in analyzing secondary purchases of private equity and alternative investments, as well as membership of its Private International Law Practice Group.

He is a regular presenter for Missouri employers of the BLR Master Class Series and serves as a national lecturer on employment law issues such as wage and hour regulations and sexual harassment law for Surgent Professional Education webinar courses. In addition, he co-edites Missouri Employment Law Letter.

As well as handling litigation and arbitration related to corporate transactions and shareholder disputes, investment funds and financial services, distribution and sales agency agreements and wage and hour issues – including Department of Labor investigations as well as collective/class actions brought on behalf of minimum wage/overtime claims – he also has extensive experience with wage and hour matters such as collective/class actions regarding minimum wages/overtime collective contracts.

Achievement and Honors

Jeremy is a Fellow of the American Bar Association and member of its Committee on Civil Rights. Additionally, he served on the board of Chhaya Community Development Corporation before acting as law clerk to Hon. Lawrence E. Kahn from U.S. District Court of Northern New York.

He is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has held various church positions, such as Elder’s Quorum President. Additionally, his passion is music and songwriting as well as making a positive difference in society.

His loved ones include LaVell and Joan Russon; wife Debbie Gibson; sons Justin Blake and Jeremy Benjamin; grandparents Barbara and Bart Gibson of Asheboro and Margaret and Earl Smith of Franklinville; as well as many loving family members and friends. Funeral coordination will be handled by Wing Mortuary.

Personal Life

Nancy Travis’s devotion to her family is legendary. Robert Fried, Benjamin, and Jeremy form an integral part of her life; as is Nancy Travis herself who instills values of love, respect, and togetherness into them so they may flourish throughout their lives.

He was well-recognized as an expert milk tester in Salmon Arm for 30 years and enjoyed working alongside his colleagues with their respective skillset and senses of humor. He treasured spending time with his family at their Foothill Road property and supporting their various sporting endeavors.

He was an active member of Paul, Weiss Pro Bono Group and worked with various legal service organizations on pro bono legal matters. Additionally, he served on the board of Chhaya Community Development Corporation.

Net Worth

Jeremy Hutchins is an Instagram and YouTube influencer best known for his content on these platforms, particularly his prank videos and lifestyle vlogs, which have garnered him over one million subscribers.

His net worth has been estimated at roughly $2 Million. Jeremy holds strong religious convictions and uses his platform to spread vital messages. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest on several talk shows.

As Paul, Weiss pro bono attorney, he oversees their litigation docket of pro bono litigation cases. Working closely with public service organizations and individuals on issues including prisoners’ rights, civil rights, asylum cases and asylum issues; serving on Chhaya Community Development Corporation Board and Audit Committee and Association for Civil Rights in Israel he also holds several director positions.

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