Jeremy Boreing Net Worth

Jeremy Boreing is an American screenwriter, director, producer and political commentator who founded and co-CEO of The Daily Wire in 2005.

Born February 5, 1979 in Slaton, Texas. Started his acting career at an historic regional theatre before making the transition to Los Angeles.

He has contributed to several movies, such as Spiral and Miles from Home. Additionally, he wrote the comedy film Etienne!

Early Life and Education

Jeremy Boreing hails from Texas’ Llano Estacado region and started his arts career working behind-the-scenes at a regional theater named Garza before moving to Los Angeles to pursue screenwriting and film-making ambitions. Here he co-wrote Miles From Home as well as writing scripts for Etienne and Jeff Mizushima’s western Shadowheart.

In 2015, he co-founded The Daily Wire, a conservative news website. Since then he has served as co-CEO and made significant contributions towards its success.

He is a firm Christian who frequently discusses it during interviews. Additionally, he has made time for charitable endeavors that align with his conservative ideals; such as making donations to organizations supporting religious liberty and traditional family structures.

Professional Career

Boreing has built his career on talent and hard work. His contributions in film, television, and political commentary have won him widespread acclaim. Starting off his professional life at a provincial theater near his hometown in Texas before writing and directing short films – Boreing has done it all.

He wrote Miles from Home in 2006, later working with Jeff Mizushima on the comedy movie Etienne! Additionally, he has written Byron Phillips: Found and columns for Big Hollywood and Newsbusters. Furthermore, he founded Declaration Entertainment as well as being Executive Director for Friends of Abe (an organization which connects political conservatives).

He keeps his personal life confidential, refusing to discuss details such as his wife or children.

Achievement and Honors

Jeremy Boreing is an American screenwriter, film producer, and political commentator. He serves as co-founder and contributor for popular conservative news website The Daily Wire; previously serving as guest columnist on right-leaning websites Big Hollywood and Newsbusters; having written the script for Miles from Home short film as well.

Beginning his writing career at a regional theater near his hometown before moving to Los Angeles and signing with William Morris Agency as a writer of short film script Miles From Home (2006).

From 2006 to 2010, he was part of Coattails Entertainment along with Kurt Schemper, Joel David Moore and Zachary Levi. Subsequently he formed Declaration Entertainment alongside Bill Whittle and co-wrote the movie Spiral together.

Personal Life

Jeremy Boreing hails from Slaton, Texas and practices Christianity with his family. As of 2018, Jeremy is 44 years old.

Boreing’s career started off at a local historical regional theater known as the Garza in Texas. Here he met Joel David Moore – his future writing partner whom he helped move their sofa using their pickup trucks – before moving into Los Angeles mid 2000 to pursue film producer and screenwriting careers.

Declaration Entertainment was co-founded by him with TV editor Bill Whittle in 2010; since then he has contributed to right-leaning websites like Big Hollywood and Newsbusters as a writer and executive director of Friends of Abe (an organization connecting political conservatives). Additionally, in March 2022 Jeremy launched a subscription-based shaving razor service called Jeremy’s Razors to compete against former Daily Wire sponsor Harry’s Razors.

Net Worth

Jeremy Boreing has amassed an impressive body of work in the entertainment industry as an accomplished producer, director, screenwriter and political commentator. His impactful presence is undeniable on media landscape.

He began his career working provincial theater, later moving to Los Angeles and developing several film projects. Additionally, he founded Truth Revolt – a conservative US media watchdog and activism campaign – and served as an advisor for PragerU.

Jeremy Boreing’s professional success aside, Jeremy is also an active philanthropist who contributes generously to causes that promote conservative values, education and mentorship. Additionally, he stands as an outspoken critic of wokeness and cancel culture as well as leftist efforts against free speech – as an American who strongly embraces nationalism he believes strongly in giving back and supporting worthy causes that promote them.

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