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Jesse George Net Worth – How Rich is He?

Jesse George is an attorney who specializes in environmental justice matters. He has represented the Alliance for Affordable Energy in numerous public service commission proceedings, such as those related to the 2010 BP oil spill.

He is also the director of legal services at The Pro Bono Project, where he handles oil spill claims for indigent clients.

Early Life and Education

Jesse George was born in the United States on July 9, 1978 and raised by his parents Stephen Hapgood Watters and Anne Purvis.

He received his formal education in Philadelphia before attending the University of Connecticut to earn a degree in Biology.

His father encouraged his aspirations for higher education, even encouraging him to apply to the United States Military Academy at West Point – which offered an excellent free education in exchange for service in the Army.

Professional Career

Jesse George, a former professional football player, has had an illustrious career that includes acting, serving as governor and working as a professional wrestler. Additionally, he has written a book and starred in multiple movies.

He serves on the Board of Directors for Fiver Childeren’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive youth development programs in underserved communities. When not at work, he enjoys fishing and hunting with his family.

He is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and Tulane Law School with an interest in environmental justice. As an associate with the Alliance for Affordable Energy in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he practices environmental law. Additionally, he has represented the Alliance before the Louisiana Public Service Commission and New Orleans City Council regarding matters arising out of the 2010 BP oil spill.

Achievements and Honors

Jesse George’s accomplishments were truly remarkable, earning him numerous honors for them. As part of the USA Track and Field team, he became the first black man to win four Olympic gold medals.

Owens’ athletic prowess propelled him from Alabama’s cotton fields to national recognition, shattering stereotypes about white people as superior and dispelling any notion that they could ever truly achieve equality with black people. Through his inspiring story, Owens helped challenge racist myths and debunk the idea that white people were superior to those of color.

Owens was treated as a second-class citizen upon returning to America, even President Franklin D. Roosevelt never publicly recognized his accomplishments.

Personal Life

Jesse George was a dedicated family man who enjoyed spending time outdoors and getting involved in his community. He also fished avidly and attended Beulah Baptist Church in Calabash, NC for worship services.

In his free moments, he enjoyed spending time with his family and gardening. A dedicated volunteer, he was an enthusiastic supporter of the local school system.

He was an active participant in the Palestine Young Professionals Network and held multiple regional office positions with Lions Club International. Furthermore, he passionately supported St. Vincent de Paul, The Stock Pot and other charitable organizations with passion.

He was a lifelong resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana – home to major petrochemical and fossil fuel corridors. Witnessing firsthand the devastation these industries have caused in his community has inspired him to advocate for environmental justice.

Net Worth

Jesse George’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. Over his career as both a politician and wrestler, George has accrued substantial wealth.

He owns an array of real estate assets, including a house in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Additionally, he has invested in multiple businesses such as a marijuana farm and water filtration firm.

He is an enthusiastic proponent for environmental justice. A native of south Louisiana, he has seen firsthand the devastating effects that oil and gas extraction have had on his community and natural landscape. Currently, he serves as Director of Legal Services for Alliance for Affordable Energy while simultaneously fulfilling his role as husband and father to three. In his free time he enjoys birding, hiking, and reading books.

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