Jim Bob Duggar Toupe

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Toupe

If you’ve watched the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, you’re probably aware of the family’s strict rules. The Duggars are a religious family, so it’s no surprise that they follow a strict no contraception policy. As for hair, the fam’s females are encouraged to wear their hair long. However, it’s not unusual for members of the family to break the rules.

Several of the Duggars have been accused of sex crimes, including molesting four of their sisters when they were teens. Some members of the family have also been caught in a cheating scandal. For example, Derick is the man of choice for Jill. But the two are not exactly friends, and the tension between the two dates back years.

Jim Bob and Michelle have been very clear about their family’s values, and have forbade their children from using birth control. They also limit hair cuts for each child. Their daughters’ hairstyles often mirror their parents’.

Michelle has been known to curl her hair with an at-home perm. She has also experimented with different styles, such as the “bangs” trend. During her time on the show, she was given a makeover by a stylist, but she still hasn’t mastered the art of wearing her hair straight.

Michelle and Jill are two of the most influential Duggars. They are not only popular on TLC, but are known for their style and thriftiness. While many Evangelical families look to the Duggars as role models, they have some critics. One of these critics found a photo of Josie, the youngest of the 10 girls, with a matching tease. It looked like something out of a 1980s teen movie.

Despite their strict family rules, most of the Duggar kids have followed them. This includes the young adults and the newlyweds. There have also been a few cases of cheating, but none of the kids have been arrested. Almost all of the married sisters have their own Instagram accounts.

Although the fam has never had a toupe, they have been known to experiment with their hairstyles. Some of the family’s females have even dyed their hair. In one case, Jill and Derick Dillard admitted to using non-hormonal birth control.

Another rule that the Duggars follow is to not wear jeans. It isn’t uncommon to see the fam sauntering around in matching belts. Many of the family’s females go out for their hair cuts more than their male counterparts.

Jill and Jinger Duggar have had their fair share of breakage, though. Last year, they dyed their hair platinum blonde. And while they haven’t done so much to their hair in recent months, it seems like Jill is finally ready to let her hair loose.

Whether or not the Duggars are going to hate the new hairstyle, or even be upset, is anyone’s guess. After all, the last thing they need is a hairstyle that upsets their husbands.

The Duggar family is famous for their appearance. Most of their children have followed the rules of their cult, and some of the girls have broken the rules.

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