Joanna Henry

Joanna Henry

Joanna Henry, an ArtPop Street Gallery pick in 2021 from Winthrop University and 2021 ArtPop Festival participant, uses art to connect with others through communication and expression. As an experienced director and performer in plays and musicals such as LTA’s 33 Variations or regional productions of benefits such as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS at Olney Theater; her artwork connects audiences.

Joanna worked diligently to promote cordial relations between her son and stepson. Thanks to her effective mediation, King Henry V agreed to an armistice treaty with John V, Duke of Brittany.

Early Life and Education

As a youth, Joanna was both independent and critical of herself. Although often considered arrogant or pompous, her passion was art – winning two ArtPop Street Gallery competitions as well as multiple exhibitions and markets with her works on display.

Joanna’s marriage to John, Duke of Brittany, cemented her political alliances both within Brittany and England. This marriage was essential as John sought to counteract the rising power of French monarchy.

As soon as Joanna’s son Arthur of Brittany visited England, he paid his respects to King Henry V who showed kindness towards his stepmother Joanna. Joanna remained close to Arthur of Brittany, helping raise funds for his military expeditions across France; it was this initiative which ultimately resulted in Joanna being accused and imprisoned.

Professional Career

Joanna Wallfisch is an award-winning vocalist, composer and musician whose music brings joy to those she encounters. She has performed with Laude Ensemble; is on songwriting faculty at Los Angeles College of Music; teaches early childhood music education via her non-profit organisation Little Whale Music; and more.

Dexter has appeared in various films and television roles, from Orson Welles cult classic Touch of Evil to Audie Murphy western Ride a Crooked Trail and co-starring with Arthur Franz in Monster on the Campus cult science fiction horror programr.

She currently directs plays and musicals at Bishop Ireton High School as the Director of Theater Arts. Additionally, she has directed productions at Little Theatre of Alexandria as well as benefit shows for BC/EFA.

Achievement and Honors

Henry returns to Vienna Theatre Company this fall as director for their production of Doubt. A former teacher, theater director, and member of their board, Henry’s return feels like coming home.

She has directed several plays and musicals at the Little Theatre of Alexandria, earning herself the Ruby Griffith Award in recognition. Additionally, she teaches all four levels of theater at Bishop Ireton High School as well as mentoring its International Thespian Society chapter.

Winthrop University alumna Emily Leigh recently won the 2021 Charlotte ArtPop Street Gallery class. Leigh used her creative abilities to craft a piece featuring a woman exuding confidence with large gold hoop earrings and golden sunglasses that represents confidence and exuding pride – it marks a departure from her traditional approach to art.

Personal Life

Joanna Henry is a mother to teenaged children and enjoys family trips to the beach, square dancing and reading for pleasure. Additionally, she volunteers her services in helping elderly and disabled members of society. Joanna plays golf herself and works at Orange County PGA as a Player Development intern where she manages event logistics.

Henry is an experienced theater veteran, having directed more than 65 productions – including the regional premiere of Black Hole and 33 Variations at Vienna Theatre Company – as well as serving as Bishop Ireton High School’s Director of Theater Arts and as Director for various local and regional community theaters. She was two-time winner of ArtPop Street Gallery competition, winning her work being displayed prominently billboards across North Carolina.

Net Worth

Jo enjoys taking pictures of sunsets, trees and countryside scenes – she frequently posts these to social media! Additionally, Jo also loves skiing and traveling long tours; she strives to become more knowledgeable.

She has featured in multiple movies and television shows including ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ where her work earned multiple prizes and accolades, for which she was honored with being appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1995.

As of 2020, she had amassed an estimated net worth of $6 Million through her work as a professional wrestler. She lives with her family in Austin, Texas; they include Jacob Henry as well as her husband and daughter.

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