John Aguillon

John Aguillon

Aguillon is a nephrologist and a critical care medicine physician. He serves as one of the medical directors of the MICU at Memorial Hermann-TMC in Houston.

He has played the role of Charlie Burns in “Transformers: Rescue Bots”, Mercenary Tao in “Dragon Ball”, Dr. Riddles in “Zatch Bell”, dubbed over Dan Ackroyd in several films and voiced Mr. Perkins in “Thomas & Friends”.

Early Life and Education

The development of a child’s brain is most rapid from birth through age 8. A strong foundation for learning, behavior and health can be established by positive experiences and environments in those early years.

However, when a child is exposed to a traumatic environment or experiences poor relationships with primary caregivers and other adults, their overall development can be impacted. These experiences can have a lasting effect on the rest of their life and how they function in society.

Educators strive to create educational environments where children are stimulated and able to engage in meaningful activities that promote growth and development. This is called Early Childhood Education or ECE.

Achievements and Honors

Aguillon was an accomplished athlete and a great member of his community. He played golf competitively for many years and was a lifetime member of the Pan American Golf Association.

His accomplishments included being a runner-up four times at the City of San Antonio Amateur Golf Tournament. He was also an avid member of the Texas State Amateur Golf Association and served as a committee chair for many years.

Aguillon’s achievements were made possible by his dedication to his career and passion for athletics. He was an inspiration to many people who were physically challenged and showed them that they can achieve their dreams despite any obstacles.

Personal Life

John Aguillon was a dedicated family man who wore his heart on his sleeve. A pillar of the community and a true Troy High Schooler, he was an active member of his church. He was a proud father of 2 beautiful girls ages 10 and 5 and was a devoted husband to his lovely wife. In a previous life, John was a high-powered executive for one of the Big 4 telecom companies and a self-described avid gambler and poker fan. He was also a proud Vietnam veteran and a proud member of the Knights of Columbus. He sadly passed away on January 5, 2019 and will be missed. We will never see him again but we will always hold him in our hearts as a beloved friend and a great father and husband.

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