John Beltrante

John Beltrante – An Acclaimed Private Investigator

John Beltrante is an accomplished and esteemed private investigator. He has worked with numerous renowned individuals.

He has extensive expertise in the security of Presidents and other dignitaries. Additionally, he served on the elite Presidential Protection Detail of the Washington Police Department.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Beltrante has had a distinguished career as a private investigator. His clients have included many high-profile individuals such as Presidents and Vice Presidents.

He was part of the elite Presidential Protection Detail in Washington DC during both President Eisenhower and JFK’s administrations.

He was present when terrorists attempted to fire upon the House of Representatives. Additionally, he served in the police squad that helped apprehend the terrorists at the train station.

He served on the security team during George McGovern’s campaign for President, and was later called upon to debug Democratic National Headquarters after Watergate.

Achievements and Honors

John Beltrante is a distinguished former officer in the Washington, DC police department who served as part of President Kennedy’s elite protection detail. During his tenure there, he worked tirelessly both day and night to ensure safety at every event throughout his presidency.

He served on the Executive protection team for President Ford and Ronald Reagan, helping debug Democratic National Headquarters after Watergate burglars were arrested.

He has received many honors for his work, including being awarded lifetime membership number one in the National Association Of Investigating Specialists. After retiring from police service, he opened his own private investigation agency and co-founded Virginia Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability. Living in Berwyn, Pennsylvania at 81 years old, select this result to get full report with phone number, address and more.

Personal Life

John Beltrante is a Berwyn resident. He shares his home with his wife Deanna Golden and two sons Austin and Bryce. Besides fixing bikes and breakdancing, John enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes for fun.

His remarkable journey from electrocution to near miraculous recovery has inspired communities throughout the Philadelphia suburbs. Nightly prayer chains and numerous fundraisers for his family have been organized, one of which being a July 11 special food challenge at Delco Steaks in Broomall where 40% of all sales were donated to benefit Austin Beltrante – the boy electrocuted who is fighting for his life at St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Professional eaters taking part included Molly Schuyler, Dan Kennedy and “Pappy the Bull,” the Delco Steaks mascot and burger eating challenger.

Net Worth

A local family that suffered through an accident that severely burned their son was given a major gift: cooling air conditioning for their Berwyn home. John Beltrante’s company, Sila Services, donated the system after 14-year-old Austin Beltrante suffered severe burns in May 2021 after stepping on live wire near SEPTA train tracks near Devon. Deanna Golden, his stepmom, was touched that an anonymous donor had recognized their need for assistance during recovery; now they can resume normal life.

Forbes magazine listed him 58th among America’s wealthiest individuals, with an estimated net worth of $12 billion.

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