John Berezny

John Berezny – Motivational Speaker, Teacher and High Performance Coach

John Berezny is an inspirational speaker, educator and high performance coach. He’s also the founder of Mindset University.

This article provides background information about John Berezney, including his family background, career background and net worth. It includes full names, dates, addresses and relatives. Run a full report to get all the facts about john berezney.

Early Life and Education

John Berezney was born on January 24th 1914 in Pennsylvania as the oldest of 3 children.

His family lived in Bethlehem, PA and Coopersburg. He married Anna Radchuk Berezny and they had two children.

After graduating college, he began his teaching career in Flint Community Schools as a Physical Education teacher at Carpenter Road Community Elementary School.

He fulfilled a lifelong dream by serving as Community School Director, an honor he held for 37 years. After retiring in 2013, he remains active within community education through his role with Flint Olympian & CANUSA Games (GFOCA). This work has been particularly rewarding as he gets to interact with young athletes and their families throughout the area. Additionally, he has been an active member of GFOCA since 1990, serving as Chairperson and Assistant Chair since then.

Personal Life

The Berezney family’s immigrant story is as American as apple pie. John’s father Petrov “Sugarhouse Pete” worked as a coal miner, subway laborer, and oil refinery boilermaker during the Great Depression.

Mike raised five boys with his wife Anna while his older brother Mike left home to escape the Depression and tried his hand at bootlegging during Prohibition. Additionally, Paul played football for an illustrious college team as one of “The Seven Blocks of Granite.”

In addition to their professional careers, the Berezneys also enjoyed mixing with many renowned personalities. Jack Dempsey, Frank Sinatra and Vince Lombardi all visited their New Jersey home. The family was immensely proud of its achievements and will be fondly remembered by all who knew them. Even today, the Berezneys remain active members in their community.

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