John Bergquist

John Bergquist – A Local Iron Range Folk Musician and Storyteller

John Bergquist, a beloved Iron Range folk musician and storyteller, passed away last week. His passion for traditional music, storytelling, and the history of the area were truly inspirational to those around him.

He was an accomplished writer and actor, having produced over 100 literary works including plays and screenplays. Additionally, he performed in LORT repertory theaters across America.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Bergquist has had an illustrious professional career in the theater industry. He served as Production Manager for Arena Stage in Washington, DC for 25 years and is now employed at Mead Center for American Theater in Denver, CO.

He has also served as a public school teacher and is an accomplished baritone singer. With a bachelor’s degree in music and master’s in vocal education, his credentials are impressive.

He served as quarterback for the Montana Grizzlies during college football, leading them to a 35-6 record and national championship game. Throughout his four year career, he accumulated 9,113 yards and scored 71 touchdowns. Additionally, he earned Big Sky All-Conference honoree recognition both junior and senior year.

Achievements and Honors

John Bergquist was an acclaimed author, musician and storyteller. His works ranged from published poetry and lyricists to librettists and short story authors. Additionally, he worked as a playwright, screenwriter and producer of theater and video projects.

He earned an Associate in Arts degree in Creative Writing from Colorado Mountain College. Additionally, he served as editor-in-chief for CMC’s art/literary magazine and won awards for his work in both creative writing and drama.

He boasts an impressive legal background. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Birmingham Bar Association, Alabama State Bar and Alabama Defense Lawyers Association; furthermore his peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell stands out. His practice areas include health care law and general insurance defense litigation where he defends clients against product liability claims, construction defect cases, tractor-trailer/motor vehicle accidents as well as personal injury and appellate work.

Personal Life

John Bergquist was a kind and loving individual who treasured family and friends. He always took time to help those in need and served as an inspiring role model and teacher for his children and grandchildren.

He was an outstanding husband, father and grandfather as well as having a lifelong passion for travel and hunting. Additionally, his love of classic cars and fire trucks continued to grow over time.

His business, Antique Auto House, sold antique and classic cars around the world. Many of his cars and fire trucks ended up in world-renowned collections. He was a regular at Barrett-Jackson sales in Arizona as well as numerous collector car auctions across America. Ultimately, he retired to Loveland where he pursued his passion for vintage vehicles.

Net Worth

He is an American politician serving in the Washington House of Representatives from the 11th Legislative District. Elected to office in 2012, his net worth exceeds $5 Million.

In 2006, he purchased Castle Point in Tucker’s Town, one of Bermuda’s most luxurious properties with 8 acres surrounded by water on three sides, for $20.8 million and then undertook an extensive multi-million dollar makeover to create a new main house, two guest cottages and swimming pool.

He owns Winsor House, a 6 bedroom property at 32 Tucker’s Town Road in Bermuda and it is believed that he holds several Trust fund interests there as well.

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