John Berrey

John Berrey

John Berrey, Quapaw Nation chairman for two decades, led their business operations into casino gambling, cattle ranching and processing plants, coffee roasters and wetlands restoration. Furthermore, John advocated for passage of Arkansas’ Amendment 100 which authorized four casino establishments within the state.

The tribe has accused Berrey and former Secretary-Treasurer Tamara Smiley-Reeves of embezzling $7 million from tribal funds. Chief Judge Diane Hammons ordered a judge to oversee discovery proceedings.

Early Life and Education

John Berry was born near Hillsborough, the son of John Berry and Rhoda (Rosanna?) Berry. In 1836, he relocated to Upper Canada and began working in the timber cutting business.

He began as an apprentice brick mason for Samuel Hancock, who had constructed Hillsborough’s first church and served as an influential local patron.

Berrey came to realize the importance of being a good father and husband for his family, as well as showing them how to navigate life’s difficulties with compassion and strength. Through experience, he realized the value of showing people you care enough about them to assist them through difficult times.

Professional Career

Berrey has achieved great success as a country music singer-songwriter, earning himself hits such as “She’s Taken A Shine,” co-written with Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard; “There He Goes,” which he performed with Patsy Cline; and “Long Haired Country Boy,” featuring Charlie Daniels and Hal Ketchum.

He also co-starred on the hit TV show Songs & Stories with John Berry for two seasons. In 2018, his most recent album, Thomas Road, was released.

Berrey has served as chairman of the Quapaw Tribe’s business committee and tribal chairman, overseeing their rapid expansion into enterprises and services like a casino, cattle ranch and processing plant, coffee roaster, bison herd restoration project and more. Furthermore he has taken an active role in environmental cleanup efforts at Tar Creek Superfund Site – one of America’s most toxic landfills – by spearheading environmental restoration efforts.

Achievements and Honors

Chairman John Berrey is an exemplary leader who has made remarkable accomplishments for the Quapaw Nation. During his tenure as chairman, they successfully raised over $700 million dollars on Wall Street and built a world-class destination resort in far Northeast Oklahoma.

Berrey has earned numerous honors and awards throughout his career. Most recently, the Native American Finance Officers Association named him their Tribal Leader of the Year.

He was honored with the Wendell Chino Humanitarian Award by the National Indian Gaming Association for his commitment to upholding tribal sovereignty and encouraging Indian self-governance.

Personal Life

John Berrey is an American singer-songwriter and musician who has released multiple albums. Additionally, he supports various charities including Haven Hospice and adult literacy initiatives with his name.

He is an enthusiastic patriot and staunch supporter of Republican policies. Additionally, he belongs to the Quapaw Nation in Oklahoma.

His role as Chairman of the Quapaw Business Committee included developing and expanding their business interests, such as a cattle ranch and processing plant, coffee roaster, wetlands restoration project, casino gambling enterprise – among others.

An internal tribal investigation revealed that Berrey and his wife Tamara Smiley-Reeves received illegal raises, bonuses and other compensation during their tenure on the Business Committee. Last week criminal charges were filed against them in Quapaw Tribal Court for these offenses.

Net Worth

American country singer john berrey is a renowned figure in music. He achieved worldwide fame with his 1994 hit single, “Your Love Amazes Me”.

Berry is an accomplished artist who has been touring the globe since he was a young boy. To date, his albums have sold millions of records around the world.

He has also starred in various television series. His role as Lord John Grey on Starz’s Outlander has become one of his most acclaimed roles, increasing his fan following significantly.

His net worth is estimated to be approximately $145 million dollars. He owes his success to successful stock investments, lucrative endorsement deals, and property holdings.

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