John Berta

John Berta

John Berta is a musician, song writer, producer and multi instrumentalist. He began recording music during his early teens.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends for his warm, generous, and witty nature.

Early Life and Education

John Peter Berta was born in Pueblo, Colorado and later relocated to El Paso, Texas. Upon graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in Business Administration, he joined his brother as they opened a restaurant together.

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Professional Career

Berta, a professor of music history at Barenreiter, is an expert on eighteenth-century celebrity culture and musical performance. Her monograph Kitty Clive, or The Fair Songster(2019) re-reads Clive’s 1762 pastiche opera as both artistic work with cultural relevance and musical value.

She supervises scholarly projects that examine how performers’ creative practices shape scores, conventions and reception. With an interest in lost and marginalised voices, she recently published on pre-1800 transatlantic Black music. Currently co-editor of Music & Letters magazine, she has written numerous music criticism articles for publications including BBC Music Magazine as well as receiving the British Academy’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Moreover, she was previously a Handel Institute Council member and recipient of their Post-Doctoral Fellowship; among her other professional achievements are co-authoring a textbook on music evaluation and selection science.

Achievements and Honors

John Berta achieved great success both on and off the basketball court. As center for King College’s men’s basketball team from 1971-1975, he remains a part of their record book and was inducted into the All-State Hall of Fame.

He is an experienced sportswear veteran and currently serves as National Sales Manager for Timberland Pro. Together with his wife Patricia, he has two children.

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Personal Life

John Berta enjoyed an active social life alongside his career as an illustrator. He was an enthusiastic sailor and always up for a good time, plus he served his country in the air force.

He and his wife Berta were married in 1947. She joined him in his career, while they remained dedicated members of their church community.

They traveled widely, including Mexico and Jamaica. Many of their stories were inspired by these journeys.

In the late 1920s, The Haders began creating children’s books. They collaborated on numerous titles and were praised for their illustrations – particularly The Big Snow which earned them the 1949 Caldecott Medal.

Net Worth

She starred as the unassuming housekeeper “Berta” for all 12 seasons of Two and a Half Men, earning herself two Emmy Award nominations for her role.

Conchata Ferrell, born in Circleville, Ohio, had an illustrious career that spanned four decades. She was a regular cast member on five TV sitcoms and made a name for herself with her portrayal of Berta on ‘Two and a Half Men’ series.

She passed away in October 2020 at 77 years old. Throughout her career, she exhibited exceptional acting talents and versatility.

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