John Cuddy

John Cuddy

John Cuddy has been an esteemed consultant to organizations, helping them harness technology for business success. He has held senior leadership roles such as CEO, COO and CIO.

John Cuddy is a highly esteemed professional who motivates others to reach their full potentials. His strategic persuasive techniques, ethos, logos and pathos, allow him to effectively connect with his audience.

Early Life and Education

John Taylor Cuddy was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on October 17, 1844 and was the fifth son of John and Agnes Cuddy.

He spent much of his childhood working on the family distillery, but at age 12 he joined the Union Army as a fencible. During his enlistment, he began writing letters home to his parents and friends in Carlisle.

Most of his letters relate to everyday military duties, such as provost and guard duty. But he also shares with his family his feelings regarding the war and how it affected him. They document his growing dissatisfaction with it, desire for returning home, and frustration at being kept in Washington for so long.

Professional Career

John Cuddy has worked in a variety of professions. He has served as a psychiatric assistant, taxi driver, and cook, among other duties.

He holds a degree in psychology and has worked at several firms, such as James J Kearns Solicitors in Portumna before joining Cuddy & Company Solicitors.

He has served as a court-appointed guardian ad litem and been actively engaged in legal matters for several years. His expertise lies in conveyancing, probate and personal injury law.

Achievements and Honors

John Cuddy was an acclaimed mystery writer whose books and stories often earned him nominations for the Shamus Award.

He was also an accomplished businessman. As joint managing director of Cuddy Group, a multi-discipline contractor that specialized in demolition work, he achieved success.

In his career, he received numerous awards and honors for his accomplishments. Additionally, he was a member of the International Association for Demolition Contractors.

He was a self-made man with an exceptional work ethic. He loved his family and neighbors immensely; in short, he was truly special. Survived by his wife Shirley and four siblings, he will be interred at Atwood Cemetery in Atwood, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

John Cuddy is a man who keeps his promises, but can be violent when necessary. He works as a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts.

Cuddy served in the Vietnam War as a teenager, married and had a son.

Cuddy has achieved great success in his career, yet his heart still grieves for the loss of his beloved wife Beth. Despite all that has passed since their passing, Cuddy remains determined to honor her memory and find a way to fill the void left in his life with meaningful activities.

He became involved with private investigator work to fill in any gaps left by the justice system. Through his expertise, he strives to bring justice to those who deserve it most.

Net Worth

Cuddy’s net worth is estimated to be $31.6 million. He serves as Senior Vice President and President – Carbohydrate Solutions business of Archer Daniels Midland Co.

He has traded in excess of 74,488 units since 2015 for a total value of $2,471,512. On February 25th 2022 alone he exercised those same 74,488 units for $2,471,512.

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